Philosophy of Leadership

Philosophy of Leadership Free Essay

Leadership is an important skill required to lead individuals, teams, organizations, and groups of people in general. Leadership as an occupation is the main element that facilitates teamwork and effective cooperation. A leader should be a talented, intelligent, and responsible person with personal values, beliefs, and aims. I believe that I possess all the necessary characteristic to be a successful leader.

I am a person who has certain values in life. First of all, I think that respect for other people is the most important virtue in our world. By treating one’s family, friends, colleges, and even strangers deferentially, I may avoid unnecessary conflicts and become a reputable person in the society. Further, freedom is another concept I value. I think that each person should be free to do what they want. Finally, I highly value honesty and think that every self-respecting person should possess this feature. If one is honest, one should not be afraid to express one’s thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.

In addition, I have a system of beliefs that guide me through my whole life. I strongly believe that society should to become less cruel and anti-human. In my opinion, humanism, love, and kindness are the most important aspects of human relations. What is more, the nature has provided us with a wonderful world, and we have to respect our environment and save it. Moreover, one of my beliefs is that my family is my sanctuary and support. Thus, people should value and preserve connection with their relatives.

As a leader, I expect employees to be respectful and to listen attentively to my orders. However, I also want them to be creative and try to find alternative solutions if need arises, and not just blindly follow instructions. Finally, I expect workers to do their best to accomplish the set tasks and demonstrate quality work

In conclusion, successful leadership requires dedication. It is not easy to lead people if they do not respect the person they follow. But if I want to be a good leader, I have to work hard, to develop and improve myself, and to respect other people.

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