Organizing Function of Management

Organizing Function of Management Free Essay


The organizing function is important for any association because it puts in place the internal organization of the association and centers on the means through which labor is divided , how coordination is done, task control and how information flows in the organization. It also involves undertaking the necessary resources arrangement to carry out the event planned for. It creates the structure, enables resource allocation, makes relationships to have the goals the organization has put in place accomplished. In organizations like nursing homes and healthcare hospitals, the function of organizing by management is crucial because it helps the professionals in these organizations to assess the resources so that they can be allocated and distributed properly (Bateman & Snell, 2009). When the organization is done efficiently and effectively, the healthcare organizations can think of how effective planning can be achieved and have the plans enacted into their projects which is closely related to healthcare and how the organization staff is managed. These resources play very vital roles in how the organization operates; they include human resources, monetary assets and technology.

Human resources

Human resources maintain organization that is effective and helps in mobilizing a success framework for the organization. This organizing function puts into consideration entities like business and needs of the employees organizational charts development for the personnel, bring together factors that affect the organization externally and internally and finally be able to build goals that will see how the organization is managed the day-to-day. Human resource organization should be the first thing that the manager should be concerned about when he is working. When employees are organized effectively by having the management goals established it enables management to meet their goals set out at work, it also allows other employee strengths to be capitalized and have their hard work and capabilities put into use to accomplish the work. If the organization done to the employees is a success, employees are motivated, developed and retained in the.

By having the internal and external factors merged helps in the management of employee performance because it promotes an effective management system through performance organization (Bateman & Snell, 2009). This is done even more effectively, by setting goals that are clear as crystal and ensuring that the individuals in the organization receive frequent feedback. Workers are also at freedom to vigorously take part in the information technology integration. It also builds a comprehension that knowledge is updated, deleted and distorted frequently so that the stipulation of human resources organization can be attained in relation to the objectives that the organization has put in place.

Monetary Assets

Organizations have the sole task of establishing goals and strategies that will be used for the organization. When this has been done, funds are allocated and set aside for the labor that will be used and resources that will enable the goals and tasks to be completed. The money spent is reflected in statements that give a better understanding of how the money was spent, for what and what was the outcome. Progress of projects or programs is seen in the statements and these include the cash flow and income statements and also balance sheets (Losey et al, 2005). Audits on finances are also regularly done to make sure that management practices made in finances adhered to the standards that are generally accepted.

Hence it is important that a booking keeping system that is effective and efficient is put in place to have monetary assets that are organized. Bookkeeping keeps records and books for money that an organization receives and all that is given out by the organization. The importance of effective bookkeeping is that the key stakeholders can comprehend what the position of the organization is financially, supervises the expenditure and the income when put against the given budget, enables for transparency and accountability, helps in financial planning, and in security so that no money can be lost to theft, corruption by employees and mismanagement of the organization (Bateman & Snell, 2009).

When effective bookkeeping is done, regular reports can be given to individuals that organization is accountable to and have informed decisions made by looking at budgets and how the finances were spent and provide proof in documents for example receipts that show how the money payments were made and for what. Competence is needed in the part of the accountant or bookkeeper working in the organization or sometimes the organization can outsource a bookkeeper who provides this kind of service to a different organizations.


Technology organization involves strategic technology plan (STP) that connects needs in technology and in business. An organization that is very successful is one that uses a STP that meets the needed technologies to accomplish the strategic goals of organizations and organizes technology well. A good STP allows for technology arrangement which addresses all technologies that are already in use and how they interwork and socialize with one another. Technology organization is not isolated because it influences how knowledge is managed and passed from one person to another.

Technology in any organization takes into explanation technical changes which are available, are implemented and understood much better and clearer when the objectives of the organization change. Technology organization makes sure that priority is given and funding provided for all the developments that involve technology and projects that are connected in the entire organization (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Technology organization has to deal with risk appraisal connected to each form of technology and comprehends the effects that may emerge if it doesn't meet the rates of maturity expected. The management and technology function are related because employees use technology allocated to them, training, and requirements in technology advancements.

When relevant change is enabled, it is associated directly to an association whose expertise is effective. Some conditions become increasingly tasking like operating and strategizing because of compression of the investment cycle, hyper-competition, change that is regulated, advancements in technology and the company is in a position to readily correspond because of the effectiveness in technology organization which is one of the reasons that a firm becomes successful. Technology organization enables for a company to be a success in environments that are developing and changing at very fast rates. Agility is important for the firms to be able to compete in performance through innovation in business environments that are contemporary (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Firms that thrive continually have the ability to know the opportunities that arise in actions that are competitive in their market spaces of products and put in place technology that is required, knowledge and assets that will help in acquiring these opportunities.

Effectiveness & Efficiency of its Organizational Resources

My organization has indeed optimized these organizational resources for effectiveness and efficiency because it has seen the sense and the need to merge profit that the organization has received for global recognition and has created a consumer company for products that is international and first class and has enabled it to operate globally (Losey et al, 2005). The organization has also changed the positions that are held by human resources and in technology, created a brand new website whose major goal is to offer motivation to its workers, associate better with the partners, and clearly show their hopes of becoming the best company in the specific field. The effect of technology has risen greatly and a new officer for information has been employed to supervise all the applications in technology by helping in the growth, efficiencies in operations and deployment of crucial information to the company.


The management organizing functions may have effect in human resources and the organizations success may be impacted because of these. It illustrates how the management organizing functions in a situation of supervision skills; they aims on understanding and being aware of the requirements of the worker and that of the company. It is significant for an organization to identify the organizing functions because failure to do this can result to overwhelming results for the company if it was in a framework of a bigger business.

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