Natural Selection

Natural Selection Free Essay

Natural selection is a gradual evolution process that works on trial and error basis i.e. eliminating the unfavorable variations and conserving favorable changes (Darwin 12). However, the changes and variations that take place are slow and unnoticeable. Efforts by the analysis to try and sensitize the universe that such variations take place have been countered with a lot of doubt and ignorance. The absence of the transitional range of values or noticeable habits has made it difficult to prove its occurrence (Darwin 49). Early Christian priests and researchers believed that organisms were unsteady and that the creation story is an allegory. This drove some people to accept the theory due to the influence of the church. The religious rivalry grew hard, and natural selection was viewed as a violation of Christian values. Scriptures were rejected from being a guide to historical times. The upgraded evolutionary system was developed between 1930s and 1950s, arriving at an agreement that natural selection was the primary cause of evolution. However, this did not succeed to counter traditional and Christian beliefs, since religion ruled the whole earth. Our imperfect view of these changes makes a natural selection to be potent. The question is; can this assortment apply in our complex nature? Geological research has been undertaken to prove its occurrence; fossils have been drawn to prove that humans were looked different centuries ago. This bore positive results since the fossil remains showed that the human ancestors basically resembled their descendants though their features were primordial. Unfortunately, earlier geologists were unable to acquire fossils of other organisms, for example, horses and eagles. Also, natural selection was pointed out as inappropriate in explaining the evolution of very elaborate structures so as to prove that evolution had really taken place. It seemed to be evading some steps in explaining the whole process. Instead, it used assumptions to explain the ‘missed steps’. This is because some organisms changed in a similar manner and therefore, the rule of natural selection could not apply. If natural selection had taken place, then some of the organisms that had evolved in the same manner should be extinct. At the end of the twentieth century, natural selection got more reinforcement and ecology professionals took a time to review the issue. George C. Williams was given much more support by the universities that he worked for in his evolution research and referencing. There was a better appreciation of geological theories due to the fact that more evidence had been produced; as opposed to the time Charles Darwin was on course. Also, there was more provision of evolution education. Natural selection is awakening and enlightening, and its awareness sensitizes people to note the elapse of time and changes that take place in our universe. (Freedman 153). Its appreciation helps in making of adaptability plans so as to cope up with the unnoticeable changes. Due to the need of facing reality, people are made aware of the consequences that may occur in case of rivalry. People are made aware of the results of some of the things that are happening nowadays; for example, global warming, global dimming, and other unfavorable conditions that if not counteracted, will bring extinction and modification of the earth’s organisms.(Gibson and Gibson 89). Also, people are made aware of their archaic religious beliefs and the fact that they have to be careful with what they believe. To this work, the passage reinforces its applicability. Darwin’s work may have been faced with a lot of denigration though it still revolved around what was ignored. It initiates the virtue of alertness directed to the changes and variations that take place. There may be diversified values in certain species that make it difficult to note the elimination taking place, but on the other hand, the development of a certain set of organisms is always clear. For instance; uneducated people are faced with a lot of hardships when they try to cope up with the latest methods of doing things. Therefore, their culture dies, or they die and leave no one to preserve their culture. Such cases can be seen in the United States. There are scarce traces of the natives. In a country undergoing climatic change, the organisms also go through an immediate change, and some species may become extinct! (Darwin 112) The formation of the earth was made of slow inimitable events, and the exclusive events have been altering the evolutionary process of the earth’s organisms. Therefore, these keep the future at an unpredictable site. (Williams115). Natural selection can either act on the group level or on the individual level. On the individual level, it was a mutual relationship that brought in the attribute of morality: Non-cooperative individuals ended up losing moral support and later became extinct. Due to the development of Mendel’s laws of genetics, this individual level was seen as more powerful in influencing natural selection. This is because an organism with a recessive gene tends to be faced out by the organisms with the dominant gene (the majority) and the growth and developmental factors. On the group level, organisms in the group may face out other groups because of their cooperation and the organic and inorganic factors which may not support their survival. The rivalry between organisms in the modern world is vivid especially due to the diminishing resources. However, we tend to turn a blind eye on this rivalry and to some extent, it is assumed that it is just a moral issue where some organisms are more aggressive and violent than others. (Williams 216) Theory of natural selection is very significant, but there are still facts to be confirmed and contradictions to be unfolded. This does not mean that its quintessence should be ignored till then. People need to take caution before time elapses. The facts that they are aware will be erased from the face of the earth due to their inappropriateness.

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