National Easter Traditions In Different Countries

National Easter Traditions in Different Countries

During the springtime, there are a lot of holidays in every country all over the world. The most recognized one, however, is Easter. All cultures have mainly the same traditions. Almost in every country, the Easter Bunny – the symbol of the Holiday – brings presents to children. However, some countries have completely different peculiarities, which you will never see anywhere else. Therefore, here are a few examples of how unbelievably unique the celebrations in various families can be and how joyful the weird traditions can appear.

  • Greece

Eggs are usually painted in Greece in the red color. This color is intentionally used in order to symbolize Jesus’ blood. The eggs are then used to decorate the traditional Greek Easter bread.

  • Switzerland

Easter celebration in Switzerland is connected with water to show the great respect towards this vitally important element. All over the country, people decorate their wells to honor the already mentioned water.

  • Guatemala

One of the unique traditions can be observed here, in Guatemala. People create peculiar carpets of flowers and sawdust and present them each other during Easter weekend. These preparations begin long before Easter Sunday because the size of these masterpieces can be really enormous.

  • Norway

Another interesting tradition of Easter celebration can be met in Norway. Originally called Paaskekrim (meaning “Easter-Crime”), Easter here is celebrated with various mysterious stories as well as films or shows. People tend to take vacations during this time to spend a few days with their relatives and close ones.

  • Spain

The Semana Santa (meaning “Holy Week”) is often celebrated here with tremendous parades and evening candles. Tourists from all over the world come to Seville for a week or more to take part in huge processions and pray in the holy places.

  • Denmark

Even though the tradition of finding Easter Eggs is quite common in the world in this period of time, Danish children usually get more chocolate presents than their foreign friends. That is because of the special letters called Gækkebreve. This means that kids write and send each other different short poems without their real names that are replaced with a set of dots. With the help of several hints, a receiver has to guess who sent him a letter. If it takes a person too much time, he/she must present an Easter egg to the sender.

  • Russia

Here, it is important to remember about the former tradition of Russian nobility. Each man in the family presented their wife and mother with a special egg, decorated with jewelry. These unique eggs were created by a famous designer Peter Carl Fabergé. Altogether, he created 50 masterpieces, out of which only 43 have been found.

For the majority of people all over the world, Easter weekend is the most important celebration through the entire year. It is the time for family unions and keeping peculiar traditions.