Media Relations Campaign and Media Kit

Media Relations Campaign and Media Kit Free Essay

Brief detail of the organization

The Food and Research and Action Centre are the leading non-profit organization nationally in the United States that aims at improving public policies on the improvement and eradication of hunger. It also aims at eradicating under nutrition in the United States. This organization works with many national, public agencies and labor organizations to address food insecurity and hunger. FRAC works at identifying the major cause of food insecurity and poverty in the country. FRAC was founded in 1970 in New York City, and it operated in all counties. Between 1973 and 1981, the company has aimed to create programs for the provision of food to the elderly and the poor. In 1977, it played a crucial role in the passage of child nutrition amendments of 1978, which expanded enormously breakfast programs in school. In 1989, FRAC released the program of feeding the ''other half", which included children and low-income women.

In 2007, the program enacted an initiative to form reforms such as the summer food program nationwide, cutting red tape and increases the amounts of reimbursements that are geared to reach more children I the community. FRAC is an association to other state official advocates and other anti-hunger programs secured more funding for the food stamps, which is currently renamed as supplement al Nutrition Assistance Program. Currently FRAC leads efforts to broaden low-income children's access to healthy school lunch and breakfast. They also aim at ensuring that there is available food for summer and after school for children in the current program, known as Child Nutrition Reauthorization Programme. FRAC has launched issues on obesity and poverty initiative that aims at highlighting issues that cuts across the intersection between poverty, hunger and obesity in America. The organization has obtained substantial improvements in refundable child tax, which aims at providing billions of dollars to help the low-income working families with children. FRAC is also working towards broadening the reach of and improvement of the quality of public nutrition programs as a way of reducing obesity in the United States.

Issues relevant to the media relation campaign

Hunger in the United States is a major problem that is curable. This organization aims at harnessing the nation's resources on behalf of the citizens who need help to manage hunger and poverty in the region.

Issues that are relevant for the campaign includes:

  • Poverty;
  • Obesity;
  • Low income;
  • Food security;
  • Hunger.

Research required devising and implementing the campaign

The research that is required for devising and implementing the media campaign includes:

  • conduct research on the extent of hunger, its impacts and effective solutions that are needed for implementing the campaign;
  • conduct research on the federal state and local policies that will help to reduce hunger and under nutrition in the country;
  • conduct research on the ways of monitoring and implementation of the laws that should act as watchdogs for the strategies of reducing hunger and under nutrition;
  • determine the audience to target during the campaign;
  • conduct research on the most affected group such as children, unemployed, low-income earners, the ill and the homeless persons;
  • conduct research on the ways of providing coordination, training and technical assistance and support to the vulnerable group;
  • research needs to be carried out on the available funds and the urgency of the implementation of the program. Research is carried out on the supporting organizations that are available with the common goals;
  • identify the communication plan and strategy that is being used in creating awareness. For example, the most relevant way of communication to ensure that the information reaches the reach the most number of people.

Goals, objectives, and strategy of the campaign

  • the main aim of the campaign to ensure that it plays an important role in counterbalancing the globalization of food in educating citizens about appropriate and healthy food;
  • the second aim is to put an effort in reshaping the dietary efforts of the citizens and the availability of food for the people of the United States;
  • the third aim of the media relation campaign is to create awareness of the services that are offered by FRAC in fighting poverty and hunger in the United States.

The organization puts in place strategies that aim is to provide coordination and training, as well as offering technical assistance and supports for nutrition and anti -poverty issues that are present nationwide through a network of advocates service providers, food banks, and another relevant stakeholder. It also aims to conduct public information campaigns that will help in the implementation of the strategy.

Media relations tactics to be implemented & description of each tactic in relation to the campaign

The choice a media relation tactic is based on the effectiveness of the media coverage, the effectively of the media in covering the agenda setting, and the general operations of the media. The first tactic for reaching the audience is the use of how to articles which have a greater influence on the target audience. The value of using editorials placement is important in ensuring that the people who are reading this editorial are able to identify the services that are offered by FRAC and in this way the information will reach a wider group of people. How to article reaches a wider range of audience. They serve as credible brochures that are available online and they are affordable.

The second tactic is to leverage the articles in the press with speeches, radio and television interviews. The speeches on the radio or television should be geared at ensuring that the message on the ways of alleviation of hunger and poverty is passed across. Education on the healthy eating habits can be done using this way as many-targeted audience listen to the radios and watch television.

The third strategy includes organizing seminars and share meeting with local newspapers who will then publish the proceeding of the meeting in the local dailies, which will be read by many people. Speaking opportunities give a chance for explanations of the organizations key objectives.

Brief schedule for the implementation of the campaign

The media campaign implementations include contraction the relevant media personnel such as the radio presenters to come and interview the organization relevant personnel. Implementation campaign can be done by organizing seminars and conferences with other relevant institution to chat way to be used in achieving the objectives of the institution. Implementation of the campaign can be through sponsoring sports that are aimed at keeping the body fit such as gym classes that will help in creating awareness on obesity. It can also involve sponsoring small community projects that are aimed at educating the youth on the importance of fighting hunger. Creation of community outreach programs with the aim of benefiting the unemployed such as liaising with organizations that provide loans to the unemployed people to start their own businesses. Implementation program can involve the organization entering into well-known contests that are supported by the media. This will earn recognition for the company. The organization can support a football team, an event that is advertised by the media hence gaining popularity. The organization can also participate in charity events and donations campaigns that are organized by their partners hence gaining publicity.

Evaluation of the campaign

Evaluation of the media campaign is through evaluation of the scope and the number of people who are aware or who have benefitted from the program. This can include us of questionnaires as a means of evaluating the number of people aware. The second means of evaluating the campaign can be through evaluation of the response of the people and evaluating the percentage change in poverty and obesity, in the country. Evaluation of the campaign is important in ensuring that the targeted audience is reached, and the information is passed across. Evaluation can be done by evaluating the response from other programs. This can be done by creation of an online page for receiving comments.

Media kit

Media release

The media released to the media companies includes the company's details; the type of work that is performed be the company and the benefits of services to the targeted audience. The target audience includes low-income women and children. It also includes the supporting organizations such as World Food Program (WFP). In this case, the media release kit will include the year of the formation of the company, the aims and objectives of the company and services offered. The kit will discuss the importance of managing hunger, poverty and obesity to the people of United States. The media release will also give information on the companies' initiatives such as Ending Childhood Hunger, Building Economic Security and a Program on fighting hunger and obesity.

Media release can include the range of new item that are offered by the organization, which includes such as new links on how to manage obesity and hunger that is the current objective of FRAC. Media release is used to announce the upcoming events such as conferences on hunger management and poverty eradication as well as the new strategies of managing obesity. Media statement will be submitted through email to Radio stations, and to television networks as well as newspaper editors. The media release will also contain detailed information on the legislative successes of the company as well as the previous approaches that have been used. The media relation team will include the address of the organization as well as their offices location.


The backgrounder contains the historical information of the company. FRAC is a nongovernmental organization that was founded New York City, in 1970 and its objective is to distribute food to the poor. Between 1973 and 1981, the company has aimed to create programs for the provision of food to the elderly and the poor. In 1977, it played an important role in the passage of child nutrition amendments of 1978, which expanded greatly breakfast programmes in school. In 1989, FRAC released the program of feeding the '' other half", which included children and low-income women.

In 2007 the program enacted an initiative to reform the summer food program nationwide, cutting red tape, and increases the amounts of reimbursements that are geared to reach more children I the community. In 2008, FRAC in association to other state official advocates and other anti hunger programs secured more funding from the food stamps, which is currently renamed as supplement al nutrition Assistance Program. This includes the first boost for the program. Currently FRAC leads in the effort of broadening low-income parents and help children access healthy meals at school. It has recently launched an obesity and poverty program which is aimed at highlighting the issues that are relating to the intersection of hunger, poverty and obesity in America.

Fact sheets lists the specific benefits of the product

The program benefits the children, unemployed women, and the state in reducing the prevalence's of these incidences in the community. The company provides Hunger Data, food hardship data. It benefits in that the awareness can lead to the reduction in the cases of hunger. Through this, media campaign the organization benefits from market for their stamp campaign, as many audiences will gain information and the importance of the company. Through the media relations, campaign the company has benefited from the formation of coalitions that are necessary for the soliciting of funds for the organization. This awareness will be important in the creation of awareness that will increase the company's sources of income. Obesity and hunger are the major problems that are facing United States though this campaign the government will benefit from this as poverty; hunger and obesity are a global food security problem. The audience will benefit from free information on the relevant subjects such as obesity management and poverty management.

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