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Effective groups and teams are vital as far as the attainment of the set goals and objectives of an organization is concerned. This is due to the fact that unity and sense of oneness in an organization is highly enhanced through effective participation of teams and groups. In addition, members of the groups and teams are very much aware of what is anticipated of them hence they work towards achieving organizational objectives.

Identification and Description of the Learning Objectives

Chapter 15 that is entitled, “Effective Groups and Teams” has certain learning objectives that the chapter seeks to address. The learners are also expected to understand as to why they are being taught about this topic. They should therefore be able to apply what they have been taught in class to real life situations. Some of the objectives of this chapter are to determine the relationship between effective teams and groups and performance. It also seeks to bring out the aspect of how effective teams and groups contribute to innovations in a given organization especially so among the individuals (Jones and George 10).

Effective teams and groups in any organization or in a given scenario will tend to contribute to enhanced performance, hence facilitating the achievement of the stipulated goals and objectives. Members in an effective team or group are aware of the goals ahead of them, therefore they know what is expected of them in relation to the set goals. Moreover, they work towards achieving certain goals. Teams and groups are achievement oriented or rather goal oriented in the sense that they focus and direct all of their efforts towards the same of path that will help achieve what they are expected to do. They are ever looking for ways that can help them better attain the set goals. In addition, they are always doing things and tasks assigned to them in unique manner that portrays success of their efforts at the end. All these attempts contribute to good performance in terms of the goods and services being produced by these members. They will be of high quality that attracts more customers hence widening the scope of the market leading to improved productivity. The image of the organization will be improved because of improved goods and services being produced by its members (Jones and George 15).

In a team or group, members tend to be different but are united by the same factors; the same goals that each one of them aims at attainment. In a group, there is exchange and sharing of ideas that may in turn lead to development of innovations. A lot of activities do take place in a group or team like brainstorming where individuals think outside the box to come up with new ideas that may help in the achievement of the organizational goals. As a result of this, innovative ideas are generated. Innovations are also vital in an organization as it helps in achievement of the set goals and objectives. It enhances both the quality and quantity of the goods and services being produced.

Explanation of the Objectives and how they are being Utilized by Friends at their Places of Employment to Achieve Organizational Goals and High Performance

Some of my friends working in Non-governmental organizations dealing with development issues in the nation have been able to incorporate the aspects of effective groups and teams in their respective places of work and have been able to achieve encouraging results. Some have been promoted because of their good performance with regard to the tasks assigned to them. They have been able to embrace the importance of team work. They have been able to gain skills and knowledge that have enhanced their effectiveness in performing of their duties. The performance of their organizations has also been improved as a result of this leading to the attainment of the set goals and objectives (Jones and George 22).

Teamwork also contributes to development of innovations which are the main drivers of enhanced organizational performance and the accomplishment of the set goals. Innovations lead to improved quality of goods and services being produced. For instance, these friends formed working groups and teams where they were able to share a lot of ideas with regard to the goals and objectives of their organizations. They were then able to come up with innovative ideas after they had carried out a lot of research and consultation basing on the ideas they had generated. The innovative ideas about how tasks were to done were then implement resulting to good performance and the attainment of the set organizational goals. Some of them got promoted where they were assigned bigger positions where they were expected to apply their innovative ideas in an attempt to facilitate the success of the organizations (Jones and George 27).

Application of the Objectives by the Students to the SARF’s Management Team

The student can apply the two objectives in dealing with SARF management by forming groups and teams that would enable them come up with innovative ideas. The ideas are meant to facilitate the improved performance of SARF in terms of the delivery of its services to students (Jones and George 34). The student can apply acquired from the two objectives to deal with the challenges SARF is facing. For instance, poor services due to lack of innovations due to absence of effective groups and teams. The student will then be able to influence the performance of SARF by forming certain groups that will be assigned certain tasks that will in turn lead to improved performance of SARF.

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