Learning How to Speak Up in Class

Unfortunately, many students suffer from anxiety when it comes to public speaking. It may be the result of low self-esteem, shyness, or simply not knowing the material. You may think that it is fine to avoid speaking up in class; however, it may negatively influence your GPA and reputation in college. Also, many students and professors will not even notice your presence if you keep silent during discussions. Learn how to overcome your fear with these tips.

Mastering speaking in college

  1. Ask questions. Let’s assume that you are a good student who does his/her homework regularly. Of course, you will have some questions while completing your assignments at home. Note down your questions and ask your professor in class. This way, you will speak up and start a discussion. Do not be scared to ask a dumb question. Your professor’s job is to explain you the material and answer the questions you may have.
  2. Take part in discussions. Participating in debates is more difficult than asking questions in class because you may not know the correct response. You may also feel ashamed to express your thoughts because you think that there are smarter people in class who will laugh at your speech. In this case, remember that all opinions deserve to be expressed. You will learn how to debate effectively only through talking.
  3. Impress the professor. Taking part in discussions is an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd and connect with your professor. Based on the effectiveness of your comments and general performance, the professor will form his/her opinion about you. If this judgment is positive, you will be able to get a lot of benefits, such as good grades and professor’s support in your future career.
  4. Remember your importance. Ability to speak up is important not only for improving grades but also for defending your beliefs about a certain subject. You should remember that your voice is of the same value as the opinions of other students in class. Be confident when speaking up, and people will pay attention to your words as long as they are respectful.

When speaking up

Here are some tips for delivering a powerful speech:

  • Remember about eye contact. It will establish the connection with other participants of the discussion and persuade them of the worthiness of your opinion.
  • Speak loudly. Let everyone see that you are confident Make your voice sound loud enough to attract attention of the listeners.
  • Think before speaking. Every opinion you express should be thoughtful. If you hesitate about the correctness of your speech or have no proof of your idea, it is better to avoid speaking up at this particular moment.

These tips will help you overcome the fear of public speaking. It is never too late to speak up in class and impress your professor with creative ideas.