How to Reduce Expenses During Summer

It's only the beginning of the summer, but the temperatures are already extremely high. Wherever you go, you see that air conditioning is working non-stop. Of course, we need to keep our homes and offices cool, but such a frequent usage leads to extremely high bills. So you certainly want to know how to cut down on electricity usage in hot weather. Read our tips for saving money this summer and you will do this successfully!

Saving Money Tips

1. Don't use your dishwasher.

Your dishwasher is the appliance, which you don't need as much as others, so you can easily cut down on it, at least during summer. Even though washing your dishes by hand seems old-fashioned to you, think of all the money you'll save. Or, if you absolutely have to use your dishwasher, turn it on only when it's fully loaded. Try not to put large pans and pots there – they take too much room, so it's better to wash them by hand.

2. Keep your unused appliances unplugged.

Do you know that if your appliance is plugged, it keeps on draining electricity, even if you don't use it? So to cut down your electricity bills, unplug the chargers of your cell phone and camera, as well as all TV-sets, DVD-players, sound systems, and computers. It's a good idea to put all your appliances into a power strip, so you can turn them all off in one switch. Note: do not unplug your fridge, clocks and other appliances that need to work non-stop.

3. Close your curtains.

Even if it looks nice and sunny outside, it's better to close your curtains to keep all the heat and humidity out. In this case, your air conditioning won't have to work harder. Remember that the hotter it is inside, the harder it is for your air conditioning to do the work and keep your house cool. So be sure to keep your curtains closed when it's hot and humid outside, both when you're at home and especially when you're gone.

4. Air dry your clothes.

Summer is the best time to skip on using your dryer. Just put your wet clothes outside and let them air dry. It may take longer, but it'll help you save your money. And it comes with another bonus: your clothes will have a longer lifespan if you air dry them – they won't shrink and the colors won't fade!

5. Go swimming.

It's perfect if you have a swimming pool at home, but if you don't – just visit the local fitness center. Give your air conditioning a break and refresh yourself in the water. Besides, it's going to be a nice family activity and a great physical exercise!

Did we miss anything? Do you have any more ideas to save money during hot summer?