How to Make Writing an Essay Fun

Most students are afraid of the essay-writing process. It doesn’t matter whether students want it or not, essay writing is an essential component of study. So, there are basically two choices students can make – continue being afraid of it, or understand how to make essay writing more fun! This article is dedicated to the second choice.

Here are top 4 tips to make essay writing pleasurable:

Create a ritual

The first enemy that you have to overcome is procrastination because the most difficult thing is to get started. In order to start writing, you should do something special, some kind of a ritual. Take professional writers as an example. They don’t just sit at a naked and cold desk trying to squeeze the words onto the paper. Most of them have a ritual, so you can follow their example and make your own one. It may be a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite Chinese tea. It also maybe 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation. Perhaps, there’s a café or a garden nearby that you love? Select a place that feels inviting and warm. Make this experience pleasurable, something to look forward to.

Write in accordance with your learning style

There are different types of people – Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. If you’re a visual type, then writing and reading without attractive graphics will be boring for you. Draw some pictures to assist you conceptualize your ideas. Of course, in the end, your essay won’t include these drawings, but at least it will help you to write. If you’re the auditory type, you can first record your ideas on a dictaphone and only then put them into writing. For a kinesthetic, tactile sensations are necessary, so maybe you should have your favorite pen, which would make your essay-writing process more fun.

Use an app

Thankfully, we’re living in the age of the Internet and you can get huge assistance from dozens of different applications. If you have no problem with writing drafts, but find the editing part difficult, you can utilize some of the easy-to-use applications for editing. A good example is a Hemingway app that cues you into grammar and spelling errors and shows you when you’re rambling.

Work with a friend

Not only essay-writing process, but also the whole study process can become much more fun if you’re studying with a friend. Debating and discussing an idea can assist you to get a better understanding of the studied topic. Talking to a friend may also reveal a new angle, which could help you build a stronger defense. An important thing to remember: when you’re working with a friend, you shouldn’t copy each other’s thoughts. You should express and defend your own original ideas.
Create a ritual to get started, know your learning style to add more fun to your writing, use applications to ease your writing process, and study with a friend to debate and evaluate the topic from different angles. Happy writing!