How to Keep Your Money Safe during Your Trip

You are enjoying your vacation wandering through the maze of exotic streets, where you can totally delve into the local atmosphere. Suddenly you see appetizing delicacies sold nearby. You rush there as your stomach rumbles demanding for food. You carefully choose some exotic fruits or dishes and are just on the verge of paying for the chosen means when you find that your wallet is gone!! You are already really worried because you remember putting the wallet in that very pocket. Still, in total despair, you search all over your bag but find nothing. This is the moment when you realize that you have either lost your wallet or, more probably, someone has stolen it. The moment when you lose money during the holiday, you already hate the place and your vacation as a whole. You have had so much fun already and have enjoyed so many exotic things and places, but this experience leaves you totally devastated. Suddenly you become scared and view the place of your relaxation as an intimidating one where each person you meet automatically turns into a thief in your mind. However, panic is not the way out.

Get to know how to keep your money safe

  1. Apart from saving the money for trips, focus your mind on how to keep it safe during your vacation. Make sure your wallet, documents, and other valuable things you carry in your bag will not be easily accessed by strangers (especially in crowded places). Therefore, when you prepare for your trip, make some copies of your passport and other valuables.
  2. Do not keep all the money you have in the wallet. If you take cash with you, try to put some of it in different pockets in the bag, take some to the pocket in your trousers, etc. Do not store all the cash and credit cards in the wallet because if the wallet is stolen, all the money you have saved will be gone too.
  3. If you are alone visiting some place that can be potentially dangerous for tourists, use the ATMs safely. Be alert when withdrawing cash. Make sure that no suspicious person is following you.
  4. To keep the money secure, you might as well wear a money belt beneath your T-shirt.

What to Do When Your Money Is Gone?

All in all, traveling is fun, but sometimes you may face some unexpected difficulties. Even if you are a seasoned traveler, do not forget to keep your money and valuables safe.

  1. Before the trip, make sure you write down the emergency number of your banks. In case you lose your card or get your wallet stolen, you will waste no time but will immediately phone the bank so they can cancel the card or block any money transfers.
  2. If the money is stolen, ask your family or friends to transfer some money for you. It can be done via Western Union, Post Office, or some online money transfer services. Money transfer via the Western Union enables you to get money within a few hours. Just do not forget to have the information necessary for authorization.