How to Change Negative Thoughts into Positive Results

Be an optimist, think positively! It is much easier to say than to do, especially if you are absorbed by problems and failed attempts, and there is nothing in your life that you are satisfied with. I bet that everyone at least once in his/her life survived such a period.

Among the ways to reach success modern magazines recommend to:

  • work hard and never stop learning;
  • continuously develop professional skills;
  • organize your everyday routine and nutrition;
  • stay calm and confident in any situations;
  • use positive affirmations.

Many people start with the last item, as it is the easiest one. Is it hard to say yourself “I am successful,” “I am smart,” “I am a genius,” “I am the best in the team.” The difficulty is that if your real situation is far from your affirmation, your sub-consciousness will not let you believe in it. Affirmations operate only on the level of the consciousness; thus, they seem to be true just while you are repeating them. As soon as you stop the real truth immerses to make you depressed and sad again.

Do not be upset!

I know how to change your life and make the negative thoughts to work for your success. There are three keys:

  • Stop beating yourself. Use this energy for new ideas and projects. Say yourself “I forgive myself for procrastination,” “I excuse myself for being late.” Make conclusions and try to eliminate your misbehaviors in the future, but do it gradually. If something has already happened, the best way is to accept it and go on.
  • Change commands into questions in your inner dialog. For example, change your command “Get up right now (at 6 o’clock)” into questions “What will happen if I do not get up?”, “What benefits will I get if I get up?”, “Why is it important for me to get up now?” Such a methodology leads to contemplating and self-persuading, which provide positive results.
  • Choose Progress, not Perfect-oriented positive affirmations. They may sound like “I’m trying hard,” “I’m more experienced now,” and “I feel more confident than at the beginning.”

Mentioned above information will, for sure, help you to achieve comfort with your emotions but remember that the most efficient method on how to change your life is to work, to work, and once more to work. Be patient and never give up!