How to Become Generous

How to Become Generous

Being generous is people’s second nature. Really, we are social species who like to help each other and live in harmony. Unfortunately, not all people are following the idea of generosity. However, most of the people I know wish to give more as they currently can. For this reason, below, we listed a couple of easy ways to get more generous.

Think of benefits

In fact, generous people are way happier, healthier, and more satisfied than those who are self-serving. Generosity gives us the feeling of making the world and society better. Moreover, it’s important to realize that counting benefits is an essential step in the process at all.

Be grateful

Create a list of things for which you are grateful in your life right now. It doesn’t matter what kind of list it would be, the point is to think what you already possess. From the moment you started to think in that way, you may be surprised how good you already are.

Start small

In case you’ve never done charity, we consider starting from $1. Then, after you got more comfortable, you may give $5, $10, or $20. The whole point is to start. $1 isn’t a lot, you can afford it…and moreover, this would become a great step towards generosity.

Learn to give first

Next time you receive your paycheck, insure that you make your first act of giving. Unfortunately, the habit of spending money is strongly integrated into our lives. To bypass it, learn to give first. Every payday, allocate for instance $10 to your local homeless shelter and you will be surprised with the results.

Redirect one specific expense

Set a period of time, for example, 21 days, and redirect one of your everyday expenses to charity. It can be your everyday coffee in Starbucks or a lunch at work bought in a vending machine. Calculate the money you will save and give them to a shelter or other places in need.

Understand what moves you forward

There tons of charities that need you and your help. Ask yourself – what I’m the most passionate about? – And find the organization which is the closest to your cause and start to give.

Find your motivator

People are always getting inspired by other individuals. If you’ll find the one who inspires you, it will be way easier for you to become more generous, because the power of inspiration is remarkably strong.

Spend time with those who in need

Knowing people in need is really close from helping them. Try to work as a volunteer at one of your local homeless shelters. They are always ready to accept people who are ready to help.

Spend time with generous people

Once, I met a guy and started to ask him specific questions about being generous – “How did you start being generous? When was it? What inspired you?” – and so on. This conversation changed my life.

Generosity won’t happen by itself. Find what pushes you forward and follow it. It’s not as hard as most of the people think. Start small and move towards the great results.