How Much Money Do You Need? Question’s Answered

How Much Money do You Need

Even though money is a part of our lives, it is not the most important thing. Indeed, there are advantages to having much money. It helps us cover our basic needs, buy food, attain our goals, and support those who are dear to us. With money, you can get a decent education and quality healthcare. You can travel around the world and have fun. If you have a financial security, you can do many things. You can be independent and make your own decisions. But still, money is not everything. There are multiple things that are much more significant.

While with money you can live your life fully, you can’t buy your good spirits with it. It can let you develop your talent, but it can’t give you courage. It can contribute to the development of your relationship, but won’t bring you love. So, many important things cannot be bought with money. Moreover, it can even ruin a person’s life by making them selfish, greedy, and mistrustful.

So, how much money do you actually need? And what will be the cost of getting it? Keeping these questions in mind, we can understand the true importance of money in our life. Having less than we need or having enough but paying a high price for that won’t make us happy. There are people who have a lot of money, but they are poor spiritually. We can see these people every day on the screens of our computers and TV-sets. They make us think that we would be happier if we had more money. But are they happy? That’s a tough question.

We live in the era of consumerism. We get into this so-called hedonic treadmill and keep on seeking satisfaction through buying new expensive things. We value goods more than experiences, which creates a huge problem.

Of course, there are ways to find happiness with money. However, you shouldn’t define your level of life satisfaction with the sum of money you have on your back account or in your pocket. You mustn’t buy or sell your soul, dignity, health, joy and love, as well as many other things in life. Understand that once you have your basic needs covered, there is not much more money needed.

Define what you actually value, remember your values and don’t let money ruin your personal wellbeing.