Healthcare Topics to Write an Essay on

As current healthcare system in America is being reformed, it gets more and more difficult to choose a decent healthcare topic to write an essay on. Even if you know how to write an essay, but don’t have good healthcare topics to choose from, this easy task may get really difficult. 

15 Healthcare Essay Topics For You To Choose From

  1. Considering the drama that’s going on in the political system of the United States, should the current state of healthcare system be considered correct? Does the new system have the attributes of socialism, as critics point out?
  2. The price of healthcare in the United States is too high. Can it be justified? What solutions are there to fix this disproportion? What can we, average people, do about it?
  3. There’s a surgery clinic in India, where surgeons perform up to five surgeries on a daily basis. Things like that don’t happen in the first world countries, but it happened in India, and as a result of that, a small hospital in India, even without air conditioning, became one of the best places in the world to make a heart surgery. Why can’t it happen in our country?  
  4. Can we call the hybrid system of healthcare sustainable, or will it become another failed attempt to fix healthcare problems of the nation?
  5. Although cosmetic surgery is being called vain by critics, it has been very successful since its introduction and it has helped many people to improve the quality of their life. Considering this fact, should it be a part of what insurance covers? 
  6. A lot of alternative medicine methods have been tried to cure different diseases and some of them have shown perfect results. Nevertheless, a lot of doctors still don’t want to use them because there’s not much scientific evidence to back them up. Should it be covered by the insurance?  
  7. America has seen a lot of debate in regards to mental health recently. Many people claim that mental health problems are being ignored, which leads not only to problems of people with mental health problems but also to huge problems for people around them. What are the solutions to this situation? 
  8. Is it possible to attach clinics specialized in mental health to high schools in America?
  9. Considering the inappropriately high prices of healthcare in the United States, what should the real cost of medicine be?
  10. What is the reason why people visit other countries to get healthcare services?
  11. What is the influence of Eastern European’s health care system state corruption on patients’ healthcare decisions?
  12. The question of male circumcision: ethical or not?
  13. The question of female circumcision: ethical or not?
  14. Are doctors exploiting people who desperately need health care?
  15. What habits should people develop to avoid seeing the doctor each day?

Choose one of these topics and you’re bound to write a killer essay!