Unusual Halloween Activities

Halloween is one of the most controversial holidays nowadays. The closer to October 31, the hotter are discussions around it. Common Halloween activities induce parents to think twice if they want their children to participate in this event. Let’s have an alternative look on the bustle around Halloween.

First of all the name, Halloween decrypts as “All Hallows Eve,” where “hallow” is the same as “holy.” In the Christian tradition, the celebration started as a night vigil before All Saints Day on November 1. The Halloween history has its roots in an ancient Celtic festival of harvest, Samhain.

Before Christianity came to Europe, in early medieval times, people believed there was night, when evil spirits come to Earth. It was connected with the weakening of the sunlight in autumn. People worn costumes of the scary creatures to trick the spirits and stay safe for that night. That’s how the creepy part appeared.

If we dig deeper, Romans celebrated the end of fall as a harvest festival. It was a holiday of food and everything they gathered from the soil. So far, we can see the origin of Hallowing could lay under a dozen of layers every culture added to it. So what to do with the fact of the holiday itself?

  • There are no rules you have to follow. Take some element of Halloween you like and present it in your own way:
  • Make a party full of autumn quests (bobbing for apples) and special food (pumpkin pie). Make it funny, not scary.
  • Come up with your own Halloween costume ideas. Dress up as an important character, or make a costume for your favorite children story.
  • Autumn is a season of fruits and vegetables. Instead of “trick-or-treating” snacks cook something interesting and healthy.
  • You can also use pumpkin, apples, nuts and flowers to decorate your place in a cozy fall mood. Forget that scary grimaces and create your own atmosphere.
  • Spend some time telling your family history. Find photos; let your friends or relatives tell about their roots.

When you understand history in the proper way, you start to perceive life as it is.