Group Problem Solving

Group Problem Solving Free Essay

Topic or Concept: Group Problem –Solving Part I: A wedding committee. Part II: In this group, we had a task of planning a friend’s wedding which was due in a month’s time and we were responsible for handling the simplest task of how to cut the cake to the complex tasks of booking a place for the reception, hiring the cooks and interior designers, including executing all the other tasks. We used the Group Problem- Solving Skills in order to execute every task critically step by step, with every task doing to its perfection, efficiently and effectively which resulted in having a successful wedding which was perfect and orderly, where the guests wished it could be extended for a day as every thing was available and at ease, from place to food and entertainment to even accommodation arrangements for the guests. Part III: Problem solving in a group can be hectic exercise, especially when ignoring the group problem skills to determine on how to solve a problem in the group, how to reach for the final decision, on how to create effective agendas among other determining factors.

Speech Preparation and Organization

Topic or concept: speech preparation and organization part I: Class Presentation. Part II: I was to present a topic in class which was part of my final assessment test. I had the task of choosing a certain topic and embark on research then present my findings to the class during class hours. I had to prepare my assignment early in advance in order to give all my best to attain the best grades of which I attained at ease. Part III: public speaking needs enough preparations to avoid embarrassment and confusions or disorderly deliverance of the speech. Using the speech preparations and organization skills helps the speaker to organize and present a speech without fear and well understood by the audience.

Supporting materials and organization

Topic or Concept: Supporting materials and organization Part I: The presentation materials Part II: During the presentation, I had to organize all the relevant materials to give sense and easy understanding to my audience which were my classmates, which included some charts, diagrams and some video clips. Part III: In the introductory sessions, I gave handouts to the class on my topic of study where they were able to follow my presentation, while I was concluding I played the video clips, which put my presentation at its best, with the help of supporting materials and organization skills.

Effective Delivery

Topic or concept: Effective Delivery Part I: Delivering the Speech Part II: When I was delivering my speech, I was making sure that the audience was attentive and following my presentation by actively interacting with them by asking the student questions and letting them share their opinion on my case study. I made sure my voice was clear with the right tone at the right point of my speech’s situation including using all my non-verbal communication skills appropriately. Part III: Without using effective delivery skills in public speaking may lead one to be misunderstood by the audience especially when using the non-verbal skills incorrectly or the audience may lose interest in a speech when they are not actively involved.

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Types of speeches

Topic or concept: persuasive Speeches Part I: Giving a consolation speech in a friend’s burial Part II: A friend of mine had lost a very close and dear relative and we were there to give support to him. A woman stood to give her speech and she was too remorseful for the loss, her spirit was too low which made so many to cry including my friend and eventually she fainted before she could even wind up her speech. Part III: Since I was to give the last speech, I made sure to give my speech precautious to avoid further pains, grievances and inconveniences as we were supposed to be strong in order for my friend to feel supported, I avoided the most touching issues which could bring the past memories to my friend, thus creating a more somber environment.

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