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In reference to Charles (1987) fossil records show a great extent the order of development in living organisms. Specifically, fossil records seek to address the question of origin, development and classification of species in view of studying and understanding the characteristics and evolution process. On their own, fossil records are independent piece of evidence for common descent, and a very significant since they explain more about the past. George (1997) argues that, existences of Fossil is enough evidence and prove that evolution has been living over the past four to five million years ago. He points out that, though studying fossil records, it is evident and illustrated that life has been changing gradually up to the present time. As a matter of fact, discoveries of fossils in the past years have provided powerful evidence that organisms have been undergoing radical changes overtime. Organisms of the modern world have evolved over a period of time.

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According to (Walt 2001) fossil evidence shows that various animals have similar bone structures, giving the superficial appearance and relationship between them. This main evidence indicates organism had a common ancestry until significant advancements were made in biochemistry. He points out that, Similarity in fossil does not imply a genetic relationship but rather the predictions and clear explanation of what is expressed and seen in the fossil records. If common descent occurred, then the organisms found in the fossil record should generally conform to a common family tree where the end nodes of the tree express separation occurrence of different species. In reference to Thomas (1966) finding, a rare hominid skeleton aged from 4.4 million years ago displays some surprising features, such as a skull and pelvis that give an hint that an upright walking combined with hands and feet t vacillated climbing of trees existed. In his attempt to explain further, he argues that the existence and new finding of fossil evidence for human compliment evolution to become more understandable and complete, in this regard, it is increasingly difficult to challenge discrete statements which go contrary to the claims of evolution theory in favor of Creationists theory which bears no point of prove rather than belief. According to Spencer (2001) Dragon Bone Hill in China has been the most outstanding site of cave with distinguished fossils of the first living species. Up to date, the fossil of Homo erectus still remains the largest cache of pokiness. The fossils are important to the history of organism evolution since they point out how Homo erectus behaved before Homo sapiens came to be. Charles (1987) asserts that, the remains of a cave man discovered at the famous fossil site of Dragon Bone Hill in China, was a composite of the remains of some fifty women, children, and men who unfortunately never escaped being a prey of a giant hyena which lived in the cave. In addition, it is said that Homo erectus found this homestead while he was on his plight from the rude and tide environmental change of Africa into Eurasia. The fossil still show that he used sharp rocks and fire wood to make fire indicating that the pecking man was a great hunter and gather.


In conclusion, fossil evidence is important in understanding of organism’s evolution because it helps us understand the concept of life on earth. It seeks to demonstrate how different species evolved through the study of the Fossils records. In this regard, the interpretation of the fossil record needs description of the fossils, classifying them in a biological context, and determining their age so as to provide the correct evidence. Many theories about how life evolved are understood by knowing the time sequence of the fossil record where by The age of fossils is expressed by relative dating or absolute dating of rock hence establishment of when the fossil was formed.

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