Five Best Books on Body Language

Five Best Books on Body Language

Body language is one more way of communication. In some situations, it sends signals stronger than words. Since it is controlled by the subconscious mind, if your interlocutor understands this language, he/she will easily understand if there is a difference in what you are saying and actually thinking. To make sure your words and body language complement one another, you should read and have some practice.
It would be very interesting to know which gestures you should better avoid during conversations, which ones can help you sound more positive, how you can demonstrate your agreement or disagreement without words.
Read the books below to get an understanding of how your body speaks. With their help, you will understand facial expressions, gestures and other interesting and important moments.

Best Books List to Learn Body Language

Unmasking the Face

This book is based on research which indicated six main emotions: happiness, surprise, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust. Are you wondering how to understand people better? This book will definitely help you recognize every emotion, even if a person tries to hide his/her feelings. You will become a better observer and start using your expressions more efficiently after reading Unmasking the Face.

What Every Body Is Saying

The writer who worked on this book is an ex-FBI agent. What Every BODY Is Saying helps readers learn when a person is lying. It includes much information about the limbic brain – a part of the organism that is responsible for body language. The great thing about this book is that it includes pictures of people demonstrating different kinds of expressing emotions.

The Definitive Book of Body Language

This work, written with perspicacity and humor by the specialist in the area of body language, became an international bestseller very quickly after being published. This one is the most complex book written on this topic that will greatly help you understand people better.

The Power of Body Language

This work is created by a body language specialist whom you can see every week on the O’Reilly factor on Fox TV. It teaches how to become more confident. The Power of Body Language includes much information that explains the differences in male and female body language.

You Say More Than You Think

With the help of this book, you will quickly learn to practice body language to express confidence. In a week after reading it, you will notice drastic changes in your own body language and get a better understanding of others’ expressing.