Extended Essay Topics: Ideas for Interesting Writing

Extended Essay Topics Ideas

IB extended essays, also shortened as EE, refer to mini-thesis writing comprising 4,000 words and written under the supervision of an IB teacher or an advisor at your educational affiliation. The grade for the extended essay is added to the IB diploma. As such, it is crucial to select extended essay topics with which you can easily cope and which will be interesting for you to work on.

Extended Essay Topics to Write About

Unlike traditional essays required from you to submit for classes, extended essays require more in-depth research and utilization of theories. To provide a high-quality extended essay, a student needs to devote sufficient time for the study of selected or assigned topic. As well as that, it is crucial to provide examples and illustrations and support all arguments and claims with relevant facts. Moreover, extended essay writing demands critical and analytical thinking and thorough topic evaluation. Some topics might as well require experimental research.

Each extended essay should comprise the following sections:

  • A cover page;
  • A one-page brief synopsis of the topic/ main essay idea (abstract);
  • Table of contents;
  • The body of the essay (reflecting on the chosen extended essay topics provided by your academic supervisor);
  • A reference page (or bibliography).

Upon completion, the essay should be sent for grading.

Below you will find some of the possible extended essay topics sorted according to academic disciplines.

Biology Extended Essay Topics

  1. Can plants and greenery be manufactured?
  2. How flowers and herbs be used for disease treatment?
  3. Can photosynthesis occur without direct sunlight?
  4. What is the impact of different drug substances on human brain?
  5. What is the difference between aquatic and land plants?
  6. How does the process of plant growing take place when it has to share habitat with other species?
  7. What are safety measures for storing cow milk?
  8. Is it possible to pollinate plants remotely?
  9. What is the effect of climate on the reproduction cycle of plant species?
  10. What effect does the change of habitat have on organisms?

IB Extended Essay Topics in Economics

  1. Business and commerce policies across the countries.
  2. Meaning of industrial policy.
  3. Reasons for recession gap.
  4. The principles of transfer payment functioning.
  5. General impact of fiscal policy on economy surrounding.
  6. Reasons why personal income tax is transferred to the federal account.
  7. The relation between the business cycle and the fluctuation in the labor market.
  8. Principles of expansionary fiscal policy and surroundings for it to be used.
  9. The size of the government sector in the economy field and justification for its existence.
  10. Tools and strategies for making spending and tax system more effective.


  1. Importance of language literary functions.
  2. People’s attitudes to spirituality.
  3. Formation of sexual and ethnic identity in the 1990s.
  4. The issue of racism in the 20th century and the ongoing racial conflict.
  5. Emergence of Darwinism into the political sector.
  6. How women empowerment is illustrated in Lord of the Rings?
  7. Overall importance of learning English language.
  8. The way media portrays daily life.

English Literature

  1. Themes and motifs in The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.
  2. The role of dance in Jane Austen’s Emma.
  3. Critical analysis of Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.
  4. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and the utilization of religious imagery.
  5. Comparison and contrast of Frankenstein (in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley) and Gregor Samsa (in Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka).
  6. Research the writer’s career of sisters Austen.
  7. Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and the role of inanimate objects.
  8. Provide an illustration of noble traits on the example of three literary characters.
  9. Works of James Baldwin and the issue of racism.


  1. The importance of investigating the seabed.
  2. The formation of continents to their present state. 
  3. The role of oceanography in the preservation of water quality.
  4. Compare and contrast the nations who have access to the sea with those who do not.
  5. The impact of geography on interpersonal relationships.
  6. The relation of geography to gendered economy.
  7. Discuss the extent of cultural interaction among the neighboring nations.
  8. What affects the venues of industrial points? 
  9. How has the knowledge about terrestrial crust changes over the last 100 years?

History Extended Essay Topics

  1. The reason why the USSR collapsed.
  2. The fundamental role of the Treaty of Versailles.
  3. Prejudice in the Salem witch trials.
  4. The realization of Hitler-Stalin pact and its role.
  5. Shakespearean drama and the depiction of political motifs in it.
  6. World War II and the role of Pearl Harbor in its further events.
  7. How has the perception of opium changed over time?
  8. Investigate and analyze the reasons for atomic bombings in the course of history on the examples of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  9. Discuss how Britain was conquered by the Roman Empire.


  1. The usage of color polynomials for distinguishing knots.
  2. Arithmetic and the role of Egyptian forces.
  3. Plane tessellations and their symmetry. 
  4. Curves and spirographs. 
  5. The reasons why planets move according to a specific order.
  6. Main principles of cosmology and the theory of relativity.
  7. The theory of partitions and its underlying principles.
  8. What methodology is utilized in statistics?
  9. Fairness of constitution and voting polynomials.


  1. Basic concepts in physics.
  2. Ways of energy conservation.
  3. The principles of heating.
  4. Motion and force as the basic notions of dynamics.
  5. Modern physics and the application of specific scientific methods.
  6. Interaction of particles.
  7. The nature of electrical energy: How has electricity evolved?
  8. Magnetic force and the basics of magnetism.
  9. Light movement.
  10. Evolution in physical thought.


  1. What is the connection between child obesity and other nutritional problems with parental negligence and childhood traumas?
  2. Reasons why people are obsessed with junk food.
  3. A narcissist mother in the family: what is her influence on children and the overall climate within the family unit?
  4. The impact of television on eating behavior and eating disorders.
  5. Stress factors related to preterm delivery.
  6. Reasons for the development of suicide behaviors.
  7. Causes of depression and its further manifestation.
  8. Differences in schizophrenia among men and women.
  9. How can abortion damage a woman’s health? On what terms?
  10. Physical abuse in youths couples.

World Studies

  1. What is the influence of the global food crisis on daily lives of people?
  2. What are the reasons and aftermaths of migration?
  3. What issues are defined as those having global importance? How are they identified?
  4. Reasons and outcomes of world terrorism.
  5. What is the impact of localities on the developing expressions?
  6. How is people’s world outlook affected by global climate changes?
  7. How to contribute on a global scale?
  8. The importance of energy security. 
  9. The importance of health safety principles for every traveler.

These are the most appealing and interesting topics for extended essays assigned to you in a variety of academic disciplines. The best advice on how to choose a topic is to opt for the one you feel most passionate and eager about. Moreover, another important issue to consider is to make sure the topic was previously researched so that you could appeal to some research studies of credible researchers. For instance, if you are a college student and are supposed to provide a 5-page essay, choose the topic that can be properly researched within the set amount of time and depending on the knowledge and skills you have.

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