The Capitalistic Danger

The Capitalistic Danger

The tendency of the capitalistic society development can be characterized by intensive growth of the industrial sphere, accumulation of the sources, and preference of individual interest of the top of the society over the majority. The system is concentrated on profit; that is why it has a bad influence on ecological state of the natural environment. Scientists are searching for new ways of economic optimization because capitalistic direction cannot satisfy needs of the modern society. Capitalism is perceived as a point of apogees in the humans’ development. However, nowadays people regard capitalistic movement as the beginning of the collapse.

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J. B. Foster in the article “Great Capitalist Climacteric Marxism and “System Change Not Climate Change” describes nowadays as a period called “The Great Capitalist Climacteric”. It means that humans’ activity becomes the main factor in environment forming. It changes landscapes, uses actively natural sources, pollutes the Earth by the industrial waste. The results are critical and make a serious threat for the life of humanity as well as for survival of the other species of fauna or flora in the world. Holocene, the era of unusual stability of the climate conditions that started about 12 000 years ago, is facing a danger caused by consequences of the capitalistic economic direction (Foster, 2015).

The example of destroying industrial influence is a growing concentration of the carbon dioxide. The greenhouse gases ruin the ozone lawyer that protects the planet from the impact of the direct sunrays. The covering is reducing that leads to the transformation of the climate conditions. The average temperature level on the Earth is increasing. If the growth will reach a mark of 2 degrees Celsius in the future, the period of the Holocene will be ended. However, if the average temperature will be 3-4 degrees higher than nowadays, people will lose their ability to influence the climate conditions by their own activity. That is the reason why the author thinks that the government must control actions of the enterprises. If the amount of the carbon dioxide thrown into the atmosphere will be 3-10% lower, the climate conditions will approximately reach a zero level of its impact (Foster, 2015). However, it is quite hard to apply the power  because the enterprises in the capitalistic counties have approved the rights for independent policy.

The emissions of the greenhouse gases cannot be cut until the industrial activity is lowered. The factories have to reduce their production of goods and use more ecologically safe technologies that require investing of the additional sources. The reduction of productivity in the industrial enterprises will become a reason of financial losses. Capitalism is dedicated to accumulating sources, and the actions of the organizations are directed at achieving the highest profit while environmentalism forms a demand of non-profitable policy. Humans understand the danger of capitalism; still, the ecological direction of the organizational policy cannot be realized completely because it is perceived as a threat to the existing economic system. That is the reason why changes in economy have to be performed gradually considering the demands of the capitalistic market and nature conditions (Foster, 2015).

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The capitalistic direction of the economy in the world has a bad influence on the ecological state. However, the system cannot be changed completely. Under the mentioned circumstances, there is no other way for humanity except for adaptat to the new environmental conditions. J. B Foster proposed to create a model of economy, which would be a balanced variant of ecological improvement and capitalistic development. In my pinion, this decision is not effective enough because the liberal approach in controlling the enterprises operations may become the main mistake in the government’s policy. Because the rise of the average temperature has already reached the mark of 2 degrees, the frequency of natural disaster becomes higher. If the changes in the capitalistic companies will direct their own policy in ecological way, it might be too late, and humanity will have no chance to return stability of the environmental conditions.

J. B. Foster and F. Magdoff in the article “What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know about Capitalism: A citizen’s Guide to Capitalism and the Environment” claim that the system of capitalistic society has to be changed immediately, and actions must be taken decisively. The organizations’ direction at achieving the highest possible profit has to be changed in order to provide safety to the future generations. The ecological revolution has to be started because capitalistic economy is a dangerous threat to environment (Magdoff & Foster, 2011). F. Magdoff and J.B. Foster see the perspectives of ecological improvement in the future increasing of the government’s control level over the private enterprises. The companies have a strong influence on economic state of the countries; they have a policy quite independent from the authorities being dedicated to accumulating sources. If the government will not control the activities of the enterprises, they will be able to spread their authority in the world market more widely. The grooving intensiveness of the factories’ production causes emissions of additional pollution and usage of the non-renewable sources. That is why the authors encourage planning of the economy as an alternative to capitalism. The change will help to reduce the pollution caused by intensive industrialization and create production in amount which is appropriate to the needs of the majority of people.

The government has to take strict actions if it wants to succeed. The changes should be created immediately; the organizational power in the companies has to obey official power of the country. That will help to take control over the activities of the enterprises. The level of the companies’ independence in creating marketing decisions has to be reduced because it is a threat to the government’s ecologically directed policy. F. Magdoff and J.B. Foster describe mentioned the changes as an act of necessity because the desire of the whole capitalistic system’s transformation without changing its organization of the power division can be perceived as utopia.

In the capitalistic society, the majority of power and sources belongs to the minority members of the top. The new democratic regulation must create a system based on the idea of equality that will understand and consider the primary requirements of people as important issues, which they have nowadays or will face in the future. It will aim at establishing an order with the social usage of natural sources; the branches of the communities are engaged and interact with each other.

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The perspective of the creation of the planning economic policy is not perceived as a positive way of solving the ecological problems. The point is that it reminds society of the destructive system, which existed in the Soviet Union. However, in the modern developed countries, one can see that the capitalistic direction of the economy is combined with planning. For example, such strategy is used by the government of Venezuela (Magdoff & Foster, 2011). Practical experience has showed that planning helped to improve ecological state and the system of the society by changing its policy according to the needs of the majority.

As for me, the thought of necessity of the radical changes, which was mentioned in the second article, is more convenient to immediately improve the ecological state. The new system of power has to be created immediately. Involvement of the planning strategies in the capitalistic system will help to create policy which is suitable for material and non-material demands of the majority society’s members. Also, the new system will improve the position of the government, help to spread its power over the private enterprises, and make the organizations face higher level of responsibility. That is why in the future the companies might reduce its producing and create its production in a way which is more appropriate to the demands of the environmental state.

To conclude, the capitalistic system has shown its negative influence on the world’s ecology and disadvantages of its usage for the future generations. People have to focus their attention on the ways to preserving the natural environment. The growth of the industrial development and pollution of the ecological state leads to the higher frequency of the natural disasters. The changes in the ecological state of the Earth influence economy as well. The ability of the organisms to survive in the new climate conditions becomes lower. The variety of species becomes poorer that causes economic losses as well. In addition, humans’ life depends on the quantity of the harvest and marine catch. It means that the government has to take more strict actions in order to change the existing situation rapidly. However, I am convinced that it will be a hard deal because the enterprises also have the authority. The changes in the capitalistic system will provoke reaction of resistance. The ecologically friendly direction in the policy of the organizations is the goal that cannot be reached in a short term. Even though, the actions for improvement in the environmental conditions have to be taken immediately.

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