Managerial Competence Project

Managerial Competence Project


Apple Inc. is an American company dealing with manufacturing of electronic products. Steve Jobs founded the corporation in 1976, and it continues enjoying a global image from its brand development, as the present Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. Tim Crook oversees its performance. Design, development, sales of electronic products and computer software are functions availed by Apple Inc. The company operates across such geographical areas as Europe, China, Japan and Asia. It enjoys global recognition as the biggest technology firm. The large workforce of the establishment allows it to achieve the milestones and objectives. Therefore, strategies, vision and mission statements of Apple Inc. foster organizational growth and advancement.

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Vision and Mission Statements

The mission and vision statements act as the backbone behind the success and growth associated with Apple Inc. As a valuable global company, it continues attracting potential consumers. The vision statement of the firm is “Being the face of the earth through great products which are not changing”. Thus, it guides the venture in availing quality and creative products. Devices offered by such companies as Amazon and Apple have a high level of innovation hence helping the community access new models (Amit & Zott, 2012). Apple’s vision statement is comprehensive and replicates the holistic approach necessary for advancement and success. It depicts an emphasis on spearheading innovation, which is in line with rapid innovation strategy incorporated by the corporation.

Apple’s mission statement integrates design of top personal computers and professional software. The mentioning of such products as Mac and IOS provides recognition and sets the standard for potential actions. The mission statement defines the future of mobile media and computing tools as highlighted by the innovation models (Amit & Zott, 2012). Research and development are the essential function incorporated under the vision statement, as the company seeks to introduce quality products in the market. Thus, situational approaches and goals associated with the company are covered by the vision statement. Criticism connected with the vision statement stresses narrowness in the representation of possibilities for the firm. A broad statement illustrates the presence of a wide variety of options.

Situational Analysis

As the top brand around the globe, Apple is characterized by numerous strengths as compared to weaknesses. Threats continue limiting the involvement of the company in its productive functions. The ventures availing similar products target Apple Inc. hence complicating the operating environment. The SWOT analysis defines the situational element of the corporation displaying how it is a leading firm in the technology industry.


Innovative products constitute a significant strength of Apple Inc. Over the years, the company has launched creative product lines that have gained and exceeded the satisfaction of the users. At first, the MacBook device was availed, then the iPod and recently, the iPhone gadget penetrated the market. Apple has met demands and concerns of the consumer market with the range of products initiated in the market. Its revenue outlines the leadership structure of the firm. For example, in 2012 the computer market generated 61.4% within the international market (Gershon, 2013). The position defines the leadership game associated with the manufacturer. Brand equity allows the company to enjoy global recognition hence attracting potential clients and retaining their consumers. Apple has always been impeccable and sophisticated in the product design, as they engage machines with ultimate performance. Trade associates, online networks and retail stores are utilized by the corporation to reach out to customers. The focus on consumers and margins set by Apple Inc. provide an efficient approach to the design of its products. The pricing strategy presupposes that the firm offers the same prices in all stores around the globe; hence, no issues related to price break occur in the market.


Apple faces the challenge of matching customer expectations. The company enjoys a significant market share since its inception of meeting customer anticipations. Great expectations of consumers is a motivation for the development of quality products. Maintaining these expectations is an essential task for the company. Incompatibility among products offered by Apple Inc. with third-party accessories makes the Apple devices less preferable for the majority of users. Apple products are fitted with the software, which is unchangeable, and customers have to stick to the required operating system. Dependency on the products manufactured by Apple Inc. reduced the product portfolio. The corporation has a few products at their disposal, unlike Microsoft and Google. The reduced product portfolio associated provides a high point of weakness. Innovation should allow the development of the wide range of products hence satisfying the interests of the consumer market (Thao & Tsanthaiwo, 2017). Technology offers an extension of different approaches, which organizations can devise to avail numerous products in the target market. In spite of the technological advancement of Apple, the company lacks a broad product portfolio.

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Growth and development are interconnected with the existing opportunities for any firm. Market analysis has revealed that Apple elaborates the ways of introducing new products in the market. The firm seeks to create Apple cars in 2020, which constitutes a significant opportunity. Technology is an excellent opportunity for such ventures as Apple, as it facilitates innovation (Heracleous, 2013). Advanced products, namely MacBook and iPhone can penetrate the global market. Besides, the corporation is characterized by modern and up-to-date technology. The growth of global markets serves as an advantage to the firm through increased GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which provides for development. Massive resources witnessed in global countries give the citizens the opportunity to purchase preferred products such as iPhone and iPad. Growing companies, in particular Apple Inc., require a broad market base. Apple Watch, and Apple TV are some of the products with a tendency for greater productivity. The increase in digital presence is estimated to induce the entrance of Apple Watch and Apple TV in the market. However, the firm already has a market share for smartwatches across the US; therefore, Apple Watch makes an excellent opportunity.


Penetration of Apple smartphones is complicated by emerging Android markets. Hence, such companies as Samsung and Levono enjoy a large market for the sale of Android phones. The majority of manufacturers are keen on venturing into the world of smartphones, and arguments of the game-changing nature of products such as iPad persists (Furfe, 2010). Thus, Apple has the limited presence in the smartphone market; consequently, the company has equipped itself with the competitive nature of the market. Laptop competition with regard to such devices as Dell and Sony is expected to highlight stringent competition for MacBook manufactured by Apple Inc. Apple MacBook attracts global attention from numerous users due to its uniqueness and quality but it is postulated to face stiff competition from other brands, particularly Lenovo, which are also developing fast.

Power and Influence Strategies

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) acts as the overall leader of Apple Inc. firm. Thus, the CEO is characterized by legitimate power arising from the position. Steve Jobs engaged in setting deadlines and ensuring strict adherence to deadlines even when the workforce felt it was overly ambitious. Tim Cook (current CEO) enjoys the rightful authority in performing the allocated roles and responsibilities within the company. Reward power within Apple Inc. applies where leaders grant rewards to the staff for better productivity. High levels of success within the corporation are attributed to the improved performance of the workers (Thao & Tsanthaiwo, 2017). Increased pay and attractive job assignments are the approaches depicting reward power within the organization. Steve Jobs implemented the practice of raises and promotions in developing an adherence to the set strategies. Additionally, coercive power served as a strategy to Steve Jobs including yelling and threats of dismissal. Understanding the needs of consumers induced the CEO to develop knowledge and skills related to the articulation of demands. Expert power characterized the operations of Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple Inc. during his tenure. Therefore, power is an essential tool used by the top management at Apple Inc. in influencing the productivity of the workforce.

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Appropriate Motivational Strategy

Motivation increases organizational output through the adoption of a positive attitude to work among the employees. Apple engages the use of motivational strategies in improving the productivity of the staff. The company satisfies the psychological needs of the personnel by setting an average salary for the workers. Health and safety standards are adequately catered under safety applications. Training the employees with regard to safety incorporates the issues of hazard identification and availing safety tools. Social setups, working in teams and worker-supervision relationships are excellent motivational strategies (Heracleous, 2013). The corporation offers its workers a free iPhone ensuring the responsibility of the latter at the workplace. Employees are allowed to participate in educative and development programs within the framework of the tactics of creating more opportunities. Motivating workers is a critical element with a great capacity for success. Apple Inc. is a global leader due to the implemented strategies aimed at the satisfaction of the employees’ needs and the promotion of the desire to work for the corporation.

Problems Associated with Practices

Daunted social relationships are likely to be witnessed at Apple Inc., as the company focuses on the enhancement of hard work and commitment among the staff members. The firm stands to lose its productivity because of the extreme focus on know-how and individual performance rather than roles and positions. The workers are free to express their views and opinions hence providing for the availability of comprehensive information required to make viable decisions. However, achieving economies of scale becomes a thorny issue due to the presence of the task-oriented culture (Heracleous, 2013). Apple Inc. may spend massive resources on training and education of workers but at the end they have attained limited results. Instead, careful attention needs to be directed to the roles and positions rather than to individual performance. Notably, the employees might intentionally demand to be awarded higher pays and bonuses with an assurance of excellent results, but the motivation remains an extrinsic one. Thus, the company appears to utilize abundant resources in motivational strategies that bring insignificant outcomes.

Strategic Plan

Development of a policy plan covering motivation of the workforce is a practical approach in dealing with issues related to unfavorable working environment. The plan is derived in a manner that keeps it in line with the organizational culture. The motivation of staff is low within Apple Inc.; hence, there is the need for a practical solution. The hostility of working environment does not provide for satisfaction of the employees. Therefore, innovative measures are required to be implemented (Amit & Zott, 2012). The company should introduce shifts to allow the workers take some time off to relax. A comfortable environment allows workers to think creatively and innovatively. For example, the personnel perform their duties for long hours for the meager pay. Therefore, increasing salaries of workers is an efficient approach towards motivating them for better productivity. The employees of the assembling department experience deplorable conditions. Thus, the company should avail protective wear to the workforce as a way of meeting health and safety concerns. Moreover, intentions to launch the academic advisory board meant to counsel the corporation on improving working conditions should be included in the policy plan. The board stands to offer vital information on how the firm can address the issue.


Apple Inc. is a global company basing its growth on brand development. The vision and mission statements outline the functions and processes associated with the corporation. The situational analysis highlights areas of excellence and improvement within the firm. The current CEO (Tim Crook) can follow some of the steps of Steve Jobs with regard to power and influence strategies. Motivation of the workforce is an essential element requiring meticulous attention from the leaders. Pro-active measures implemented to deal with problems arising from associated work practices eliminate frictions within the organization. Strategic plans act as a backbone to successful operation of the venture with motivation and reward system being an integral component. The company’s continued emphasis on processes, strategies and functions provides a remarkable capacity for success and growth.

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