HealthCare Management Career

Description of Selected Field

Healthcare management is a broad field of nursing and medicine. It focuses on fundamental issues in medical institutions such as financial structure, leadership, and organizational development. This sphere of health care administration provides a candidate with various beneficial career opportunities and helps develop the required skills and professional experience in the medical environment. Health care management offers the required knowledge and skills that one can employ in healthcare consulting (Buescher & Viguerie, 2014). Therefore, the preferred career in this sector would be a health care consultancy. Currently, there is an increase in demand for proper health care services and this has resulted in a lack of professional consultants. With the growing number of newborns and faster aging, health care institutions are in demand of specialists who can help serve the population and maintain equitable service in the industry. Thus, my interest in becoming a health care consultant will help meet the growing demand in health care management.

A big change in medical industries can only be achieved through integrating hospitals with modern trends such as technology, business management, which can be achieved through proper consultancy. Health care consulting is an open opportunity that will give one the access and the ability to provide knowledge in management and health care analysis across different health institutions. Such a career choice is strategic in developing links with different operational sectors within health care and gaining vital knowledge to help implement changes in the industry (Lasser, Himmelstein & Woolhandler, 2006). Moreover, my interest in pursuing this channel of career development is attributed to my skills and experience in consultancy. Work as a private consultant has given me a valuable insight into different companies and their project management and development. Through employment in the department of healthcare management, my expertise in decision making and teamwork were exercised to a major extent. Thus, with a set of needed skills and experience, I am able to provide an excellent service in the health care industry.

Additionally, my choice of pursuing a career in healthcare consultancy has been motivated by one of the managers of the Fox Group LLC. The way Thomas M. Lee leads the company to offer assistance in improving the health industry inspires me to venture in the same field and bring changes in the diverse arena of health care services. The manager of the company inspired me because of the efforts his company has made in order to change the standards of service delivery in health care. Subsequently, the company has integrated new technology that has assisted in boosting the way medical companies operate towards improving their quality of service (Shi & Singh, 2012). Moreover, from continuous interaction and engagement with medical consultants I have come to appreciate the work they do and their contribution in providing advice to public and private healthcare companies. A healthcare consultant has the upper hand when dealing with medical issues and is typically in charge of making prudent decisions as well as implementing feasible strategies that can help improve the nature of business and health care operations in the medical industry.

Many consulting companies around the globe provide employment opportunity for healthcare consultants. Most of these organizations are designed to bring change in management and implementation of decisions and strategies. They play significant roles in cultivating a thorough understanding of management in the healthcare business. Among the common consultancy companies, one can name the Fox Group LLC, Accenture Company, and John Snow Inc. among many others.

The Fox Group LLC is acknowledged among the largest healthcare consultancy companies that deal with a variety of consulting services. They provide private and medical group practices, a consultancy in a software upgrade, EHR and eHealth services. Furthermore, the Accenture consultancy company provides healthcare institutions with counseling on technology use in order to achieve a higher quality of service and aid a healthcare organization to adopt new models in other health related activities. In detail, the company is responsible for guiding the institutions on how to apply different technology, modernize the existing one, and manage its usage. Their rationale is to keep updating medical industry with the modern and developing systems in management and technology consultancy. Lastly, John Snow, Inc Consultancy Company is responsible for advising on public health. They not only offer assistance in public health programs, the consultancy in the family and social health but also provide professional guidance on emergency preparedness, environmental health, health care reforms, and consultancy in health logistics as well as health care financing.

Overall, these companies present a perfect employment opportunity and career growth for healthcare consultants. They are also important for people who wish to link their consulting careers with health care industry as it provides a recourse and a platform for healthcare interactions. Fox Group LLC, for instance, offers a variety of employment opportunities that can fit my job description as a medical consultant. The company offers assessment and benchmarking services, healthcare feasibility studies, and advising on the use of eHealth, IRO service as well as general administration and operation of health care. All of the above mentioned are relevant roles aligned to healthcare consulting and, while working with the organization, one can choose to venture into any of these.

Fox Group LLC Healthcare Consultancy Company Job Description

Skills of New Chief Medical Consultant at Fox Group LLC

  • Must show strength in preparedness, service delivery, and leadership management
  • Be of sound decision making, flexible, and analytical thinker
  • Good coordination skills, communication, and presentation skills
  • Must be a team player and high-value integrity
  • Must be advanced with modern trends in the health care sector
  • Show knowledge in the relevant fields
  • Relevant computer skills (MS Word, Excel, etc.)

Job Purpose

As a chief medical consultant, one is required to coordinate medical activities with private and public health care institutions and work with different facilities within a healthcare organization to ensure project to project activities are conducted efficiently. Also, the chief medical consultant must ensure consistent collaboration and method development, contributing to high-quality service delivery and a representation of the International Federation. One also has to be able to coordinate operations between the health care institution and other relevant organization or stakeholders as well as organize meetings and oversee the proper management within the departments are well coordinated and managed. Act on their ability to ensure the institution offers quality care and service.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

You will ensure

  • Manage and develop knowledge-based approaches and decisions that provide a constantly improving quality of health care
  • Coordinate project-to-project facilities
  • Organize and analyze data to help in assessing medical performance and in decision-making
  • Manage a wide variety of facilities that are coordinated to boost proper health care practices
  • Offer training to staff on how to implement effective skills required in healthcare management and innovation



  • Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management
  • Human Resource Management, Business degree
  • Postgraduate education in relevant fields (Leadership, Organization Skill, etc.)


  • Diploma/Certificate/Masters in a related field, health management, human resource or any business related merits


  • Five years' management and supervisory experience in a multicultural environment
  • At least 6 years of working experience with any healthcare consulting firm
  • Should have at least 2 years of field experience working with different consultancy firms

Basic Skills

  • Leadership skills, computer literacy such as MS Excel, good communication eligible and audible, analytical skills

Values, competencies

Respect, integrity, accountability, good communication, teamwork, decision making, creativity and innovation

Approach for Taking Part in an Interview

Participating in an interview for the position will require early preparedness before meeting the interviewer. One must be well conversant with the relevant information concerning the company (Fox Group LLC), thus, one has to collect any helpful information that can be used during the process of the interview. During the preparation of the interview, I will ensure all the issues needed to be addressed are noted beforehand in order to go through them once more before the interview to avoid confusion and poor presentation. Early preparation and readiness is a good indicator of success and positive reinforcement during any interview. In addition, having a positive attitude will help prepare effectively. Good time management is also a key factor to consider before and during the interview as it will help with good presentation and confidence.

Furthermore, one must be presentable as the first expression will determine the rapport between the interviewee and the interviewer. Maintaining eye contact and providing prompt and accurate answers such as the name of the company, the intention, and purpose of applying for the position must be exceptionally clear during the interview. In addition, being updated and indicating professionalism is of vital importance, thus, one is required to have relevant knowledge, and be able to define one’s skills and qualifications. The interviewee must be ready to indicate a high level of professionalism and knowledge in answering the questions asked during the interview and not be afraid to provide explanations and descriptions for open-ended questions. All in all, by meeting all these requirements one can be sure to make a good impression and influence favorably the employment process.

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