Effects of Insecurity on Business

Effects of Insecurity on Business

Restaurant management is a demanding job. Being in charge of one if the high-end market hotels can be more straining if not tasking. Over the last few weeks, the level of insecurity around the business premises has deteriorated. In the last week alone, the business witness a break-in in the food store leading to loss of food stock and other kitchen utilities. Another incident was the robbing of a client while on her way home, moments after having dinner at the restaurant. Carjacking of another female customer client, Mary Johns, just a few blocks from the restaurant premises after having dinner with friends puts the insecurity issue to the extreme level. This report discusses the possible solutions to the developing problem that has affected the business performance of the restaurant over the past days.

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With a business whose primary focus is on the service delivery, restaurants’ thrive on the standards of the services they offer. Customer relations form a crucial part of the success of the business. The business product deliverables being food and drinks prepared at the premises must meet the customers’ specifications and expectations. “The Wood look Kitchen” is one of the restaurants that meet most of these high standards. The enterprise has two other reputable outlets that offer the same high-quality services and products. A business interest of six equal share partners who double up as the key stakeholders, the company prioritizes employee integrity, competence and work commitment as the necessary requirements for recruitment.

As the branch manager of one of the branches, I am tasked with the overall day to day supervision of the business operations. The responsibilities include conducting staff meetings and reporting to shareholders, a delegation of tasks and employee responsibilities, assessing daily business progress, suggesting strategic business ideas and ensuring customer feedback are acted on to facilitate client satisfaction hence improved the experience.

The deteriorating insecurity has raised concerns from both the employees and the customers loyal to the business. The feeling of uncertainty brought about by this developing situation is far reaching. Having involved the business directly through a break-in and two clients falling victims to the unfortunate incidents of plunder, it is the managements’ responsibility to be a forefront of tackling the issue. For business prosperity, insecurity is among the major external threats to the success of any kind.

The management on its part has taken it upon themselves to inform the local authority to improve security in the area. Clients have info advised to beware of those people around them and be out of the streets very early to avoid such incidents. The measure has led to few business hours which are always peak at late hours. In most cases, restaurants enjoy many returns at the evening peak hours when customers gather to have dinner and catch up after a long days’ work with friends. The few working hours significantly affect the business returns.

The low returns due to low customer traffic has a drop back effect on the business income. When a business is this dependent on the stability of the surrounding community, a little disruption causes more than anticipated shock regarding revenue the business can generate. The last week has been a slow week at the restaurant with most clients choosing to stay at home and avoid the uncertainty of being caught up in the middle of burglary incidents that the area witnessed in the recent past.

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The little business income has had a toll on the business income as generated during this period of insecurity. Characterized by empty tables, flat sales and perishable food stocks passing their recommended shelf-life, the business finances have plunged into a nose dive situation (Mango, 2006). The low customer volumes have bulked the books of accounts with deficit sales pointing towards loss making. No business will preempt operating at a loss and for a while, the management has been reviewing the idea of staff adjustments.

The limited finances as a result of the reduced customer volumes and low stock turnover have led to many employees’ jobs being under severe threats (Mango, 2006). The job uncertainty makes most workers unsure of their future at the business leading to them not giving the best of service as recommended and accustomed to clients. Such laxity in services for a reason has affected the company image as customers cite poor services which were unlikely.

Another significantly affected group has been the local community around the enterprise. Even though they have little stake in the business, its success and existence is a significant part of the community (Plain,2007). The importance is in the form of the indirect and direct benefits the community enjoys as a result of the presence of the of the restaurant. The city forms a part of the stakeholders in the business though they are not directly involved in the business operation. The stakeholder status is earned by the fact that the people form the majority of customers who frequent the place for a meal or drink.

It is also important to note that most suppliers who supply goods to the business are too from the local community (Plain, 2007). Such interconnected association with the local community makes it unbearable for them to when the area is under such states of insecurity. Their jobs are curtailed with such development resulting to lower standards of living in the local area. The local authority loses out revenue collection. Little business means most entrepreneurs are unable to pay the state levies and permits required to do business.

The high crime rate is a result of the many unemployed young men and women who finish their education ranks and end up desperate in the society due to lack of opportunities (Mango, 2006). The instincts to survive have pushed the youths to fend for themselves by all means possible. The desperation has left the vulnerable fall into socially irresponsible behaviors such as drugs and robbery with violence.

On approaching the managing stakeholders, every member had different ideas as to how best the situation was to best handle. However, it came out clear that the managing stakeholders were equally worried about the situation as it played out before the public and its effects on the business.

Among the perspectives that were exhibited by the stakeholders, the business was to close till the situation solved. Another proposal was to have the business to operating at a small operation with few employees. Some staff to call time on their contract with the company to reduce losses, relocation of the discussions to another location, improving security by employing more personnel and investing in high-tech surveillance equipment to help with security, involve all stakeholders and the local community in finding a solution to the problem.

The stakeholders identified the possible outcomes from the current insecurity situation as it presented itself in the past few weeks. Among the possibilities that contributed to their resolute perspectives included: a rise in crime rate in the area that would lead business leaving the area, with low business opportunities comes small employment opportunities to the local communities. Investment levels deteriorate making it impossible for those who can afford to live well to cope with the ongoing situations. They decide and leave the area. After experiencing an exodus of able community members and the fall in economic activities within this area, property values begin to take fall as investors rush to recoup some investment value by selling off to offset their investment expenses. The key drivers to local insecurity of the area are high rates of unemployment, low investment in the area, high number of uneducated youths.

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A meeting between staff, partners, local community and the local authority deliberated on the possible interventions towards restoring normalcy in the area. It became apparent that only through coordinated effort that security could be reinstated in the area. The local authority was to play a fundamental role in ensuring that safety was restored. The government was to reallocate more security personnel to the area, and street lighting was to be rolled out as a government project.

Youths were to be empowered through government projects and funds in forms of loans. Every business was to improve their premise security by either employing security guards and to invest in surveillance equipment to boost their safety. The whole community was to collectively participate in fostering high levels of vigilance through community policing.

Improving safety by increasing the number of government security personnel is a more natural and quick way of addressing insecurity in any area. The presence of police in any area by itself restores law and order giving other proposed measures time to acclimatize with the situation. Lighting of the streets using street lamps improves the ability to patrol and survey any area within the insecure location.

Youth empowerment by granting them loans and government subsidies to either advance in education or enterprise are another bold government strategy that ensures inclusive in the society. Empowered young people’ area an asset to the society as they take up responsibilities that contribute to the overall development in the community.

Businesses improving their surveillance by installing technologically enabled devices makes it easier to watch over property and follow up on crime. Beefing up premise security by contacting private security helps in ensuring that safety of assets is given priority when establishing any business.

Communal vigilance through community policing is a strategy that provides adequate intelligence and information on any possibility of criminal act whether organized or being planned. Through this strategy, businesses and members of the community enjoy a relationship far better as they are both bonded with a common goal, focusing on securing their community and resources.

Considering all the interventions promises a more robust and safe society where members can live together without fear of appraisal, crime and property destruction. Such is a community whose members aim and focus on nothing else but development, peace, and prosperity for all. It turns to be a place that attracts business investment and more dwellers. Such is how important security can be if regarded carefully as opposed to negligence. A secure society secures a better future for all.

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