Legalization of Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana


The USA had several debates and discussions on whether or not to legalize the use of marijuana. The usage of marijuana is associated with adverse effects, but it only happens when an individual takes the drug in excess. Its consumption with a certain level of caution has advantages to the nation, and, therefore, it should be legalized. Marijuana, which is also known as cannabis, has a significant medical value and its legalization could be a solution to foreign, economic, and social problems of the USA. Some states have already made the use of marijuana legal, and the rest are still debating on the issue. Some people may view the use of marijuana as a source of drug addiction, but legalization with specific control measures will have more advantages to the nation. The USA should legalize marijuana because it has numerous benefits, such as reduction of obesity and diabetes, improvement of mental health, and addressing the growth and development of cancer cells. It is a reliable pain reliever and can be used in various medical conditions. Moreover, its consumption can stimulate economic growth. It is essential to allow the citizens and residents of the United States of America to use marijuana in certain cases, which will not otherwise result in drug addiction.

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There has been research about the medicinal benefits of marijuana in the health industry. The purpose of cannabis as a medicine has very minimal cases of overdose, where it can have negative impacts on the patients. Despite making the use of marijuana legal in some states for the medical treatment, it is unfortunate that the physicians do not have the guidelines which determine marijuana prescription. There have been several complaints from doctors who do not know how to use the drug since in medical schools no training is offered concerning medical marijuana. Legalization of marijuana use has economic benefits. For instance, the state of Colorado since legalizing the use of marijuana in 2014 was able to get approximately 73.4 million dollars through the sale of cannabis and other related products (Barry and Glantz 7). Other states which later allowed the use of recreational marijuana have enjoyed significant growth in their economies through revenue from cannabis proceeds.

The Use of Marijuana Should be Legalized

Cannabis is one of the most reliable pain relievers and used by physicians when dealing with patients who suffer acute pain. Diseases such as cancer are known to subject the patients to a lot of pain, and, therefore, marijuana is a solution and savior to such patients. Medical studies and researches indicate that marijuana kills cancerous cells and slows their multiplication in the body (Mason et al. 543). The health sector has been recording rising cases of cancer patients. Therefore, cannabis legalization would be a solution to the pain the patients undergo during the treatment and maintenance of the condition.

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Legalization of the use of marijuana will enhance the economic growth and development as it is one of the biggest cash crops after cotton in the USA. Marijuana is an expansive and rewarding business venture, which would bring good revenue to the economy. Its legalization would result in economic growth and lead to increased job opportunities for the American citizens. Thus, it is a solution for job seekers who would be able to earn a living. Research shows that on average the consumers spend approximately 647 million dollars on recreational marijuana yearly (Mason et al. 543). The income would not be available without legalizing the use of cannabis. The US government should allow the citizens to use marijuana without the fear of imprisonment due to possession of the drug. Marijuana business is like any other enterprise which should pay tax to the authorities, and the investors can introduce necessary measures to improve their activities and increase their profit margins and customer base. Legalization of marijuana use will improve the standards of living for the investors and their employees who would otherwise remain jobless and, as a result, engage in criminal activities.

The USA has been fighting to eliminate business cartels which are secretly selling marijuana and other drugs to the citizens. Legalizing the use of cannabis would, therefore, save the country the funds spent on dealing with the international drug war. Marijuana growers from America are known for their excellent ability to invent new hybrid cannabis stains which consequently make American marijuana unique in the market. The outstanding quality of marijuana grown and bred in the country will destroy the foreign market for the illegal drug trade (Barry and Glantz 8). Making marijuana market legal will hurt the profits which cartels enjoy in the industry, thereby eliminating them from the market and saving the country’s finances that would be used to remove the cartels. Allowing Americans to take part in the market rightfully without the fear of breaking the rule of law would earn the country through tax and revenue approximately 46.7 billion dollars annually (Barry et al. 230). It is more dangerous for the relevant authorities to declare that marijuana business is illegal since people will secretly engage in the activities, and it will lead to other criminal actions. The government does not benefit from the industry if the market is illegal since it pays no taxes to the authorities, but instead the government will increase expenses through fighting with the drug cartels.

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People who have at some point in life used cannabis admit that it makes them happy; it is enjoyable, fun, and exciting. The number of people suffering from depression in the USA has increased, including people having recurrent suicidal thoughts and attempts. The cases will continue to rise since people deal with stressful issues on daily situations which is the leading cause of depression, especially when one does not have a way of relieving the stress and is unable to talk to others for various reasons. The government should, therefore, consider legalizing the use of marijuana since it is evident the drug will create positivity and happiness among the people and reduce depression cases (Barry et al. 230). Depression is a social issue which is affecting many families, and making marijuana legal and available to the individuals would improve the situation. The condition also has economic impacts on the nation since the work productivity of such people will reduce, thus, affecting the profits of the business and government’s revenue. Making the market illegal in the particular states does not still prevent people from accessing and using the drug through cartels. In fact, about 45% of people admit trying smoking cannabis (Mason et al. 543). The use of marijuana enhances the mental health of an individual since it helps to relax and decreases anxiety. Life is full of stress from work, security, and family concerns, hence people need something like marijuana to make them happy and find tranquility and their inner peace.


Some states have made the use of marijuana legal for their residents, while others are yet to do so or in the process of its legalizing. The USA should make the use of cannabis legal in all states considering the advantages for the nation and individuals. Making cannabis market legal saves the government the money it would have spent on fighting the illegal drug war. Legalizing marijuana business will yield significant revenue for the government and create job opportunities for the people. Use of marijuana makes people happy and relieves them of anxiety, thus, it is a suitable solution to those suffering from depression. Marijuana is known as a pharmaceutical plant due to its various medicinal benefits which include pain relief, boosting mental health, and killing of cancerous cells in the body. Thus, the US government should consider legalizing the use of marijuana in all states.

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