Critical Reflection on Procrastination and Stress

Stress defines the feelings of  person under pressure that emerges from frustrations of not meeting deadlines and putting too many expectations on oneself. As a student, I have been stressed many times, particularly due to the failure of performing tasks and assignments in time. In the last years, I have had too many assignments that called for extra efforts, but in most of the occasions I found myself unable to deliver the assignments on time. My inability to manage my time efficiently pushed me into tension and finally into depression (Pervanidou, & Chrousos, 2012). Previous attempts to stop procrastinating worked perfect at times but later, I would backslide to my old behaviors. I sought help from my peers and read books on  dealing with stress, and thus, I started the personal change process. Counseling sessions helped me to fight the stress I was feeling over the time. I joined a personal change program, and the results are amazing.

My reflection on my change journey reveals the challenges encountered on the way. The greatest difficulty in my personal change journey was the inability to stay on track and focus coupled with time management problems. Procrastination undermined my efforts to effectively manage time in performing various tasks and has been the major obstacle (Halter, 2014). Due to the great amount of class work, I was unable to submit all my tasks within the specified time. Such aspects were a major challenge in limiting my performance leading to procrastination.

My internal strengths such as tenacity have enabled me to deal with the stress of not meeting the targets, and thus, it has been a major motivation in the change process. My resilience coupled with my efforts to achieve personal transformation has helped me to the great extent. As a result, I am no longer stressed with the inability to manage time properly (Romas & Sharma, 2013). In spite of all the work, I was strong to confront the overall amount of assignments and work under pressure. Such tenacity is an important strength that is critical in achieving my short and long term goals. Thus, I believe in my tenacity as an essential power for developing proper time management and achieving my aims.

External resources have been of great help in attaining my goals. I used tools such as change talks, readiness ruler, and ambivalence in a bid to meet the preset objectives. With the readiness change- ruler, I was able to measure the willingness to alter and establish where I was in a continuum between ‘not prepared to change’ and ‘already changing.’ Using the tool, I could identify my motivational state about my  behavior development in question. Based on the results obtained from the use of the means, I can conclude that I am highly motivated to progress since I am almost at a point of ‘already changing’ according to the scale. Without the external tools and resources, it would have been difficult for me to achieve my personal goals as well as meet my curriculum objectives.

I still procrastinate, a practice that usually leads to stress, but I obtained mindfulness. Self-control helps me to overcome the negative impacts of procrastinating. However, I rely on the cognitive behavior theory to change my negative thinking when I am in stress caused by procrastination. This  theory stimulates me to overcome unfavorable actions and thoughts. To relieve potential stress, I prepare myself for exams and assignments during weeks. For instance, I accomplish my journals a week before they are due to be submitted. The preparation beforehand is usually critical in reducing the potential stress associated with class work and exams.

As a nursing student, I consider the engagement in career to be crucial. The nursing students are expected to be aware of their environment and the need to have appropriate knowledge in the discipline. I will need to learn practical skills and effective communication to assist in potential situations. The change talk provides a platform for one to air their views and their change journey about. It enables one to discuss my desires, abilities, reasons, and needs to change. The tool is helpful since it helps one to talk about changes personally, and thus, this self-advocacy stimulate one to alter the specific behavior.

Ambivalence is a state of uncertainty where an individual has mixed feelings about a situation. The tool of motivation and ambivalence is a worksheet that helps one to highlight the advantages of changing compared to the disadvantages of the same. Thus, I have identified ambivalence and motivation means as a critical measure in changing my actions and behaviors to perform better in the future.

There was a point in time when the urge to relapse into my old behaviors was so strong that I found myself procrastinating again. It was mainly when the task deadlines seemed too far; the wish to postpone the task accomplishment was high. Thinking traps were also common as I was anxious about the future (Halter, 2014). Thus, I am fighting to avoid the relapse to old negative actions and thinking traps in performing my tasks and assignments in good time.

At the moment, I am in my final stages of changing that can be described as “already changing” according to change scale of readiness. My commitment to the personal change process seems to increase over time as I am thrilled by the idea of overcoming the stress and thus, avoiding procrastination. The biggest issue in maintaining the behavior adopted at the end of the change program is discipline (Romas & Sharma, 2013). Discipline involves performing tasks on time and meeting deadlines. In this journey, I have met friends with similar problems, and they have been the great motivation in the process.

In summary, positive personal change is a significant step in achieving one’s goal. The change program should be used by many people who want to alter their negative actions and behaviors. The personal change process has been of great help to me, and I feel deeply indebted to it. Therefore, I am relying on a positive personal change to improve my personal struggles in performing my tasks in good time.

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