Reader Response Journal


1) The first major theme from the readings is equality. Inequality in schools, especially in the northern district has been eminent. It can bring about lack of motivation among the learners as well as the educators.  For instance, if the latter is in a school that has been discriminated and does not receive resources, he will feel demoralized to work in conditions without adequate resources. 

Another major theme arising from these readings is politics. Politics play a major role in the education sector of the country. However, it would be safe to say that politics and education do not mix. Once the educators are not on board with certain polities, then during implementation, they will effect some minor or major changes, thereby altering the initial policy.

2) The readings support other materials in different ways. First, they seem to be addressing the same issues on some of the problems that have been affecting the education sector. For instance, such issues like politics and education has been discussed in different materials in similar manners. Before formulating a policy, the politicians must involve different stakeholders in the process. If not so, then during the implementation stage, the outcome might be negative. The materials I have read also indicate that the process of formulating education policy in most cases does not involve the right parties.

3) One issue that is especially thought provoking is the teachers’ pay. They are to be paid on merit. The argument is that teachers should and must be paid according to the quality of work they deliver. People are different; some are lazy while others are hard working. Passing of this policy will ensure that every teacher gets his or her dues. The input must be equivalent to the output. Although it can be argued that this merit can be done with favoritism, it is also a good way to create motivation among the educators because it encourage

one to work harder to deliver because at the end, there is some good returns got from the hard work.

Another thought provoking issue is about curriculum development. It is argued that the country should form a national curriculum that is to be used by all the schools. In our country, people keep moving from one place to the other and, for instance, if a student moves from one region to another and transfers schools, then it would be easier for this student to join and catch up in the new school because the curriculum will be the same.

These two issues might have major influence in my professional practices because, if the teacher’s salary is done on merit, and the curriculum is the same nationally, the only thing left to do would be to work extra hard.


1) The first major theme emerging from the reading of chapter two is power. Most people in powerful places tend to use or manipulate it to their advantage. Evidence of this is seen in our schools when teachers having power of the students give out punishments either by way of corporal or detention. Students who also have authority over the others also use it to control the learners by bullying or gossiping.

2) This reading of chapter two supports other readings I have read about misuse of power in many ways. Firstly, most people in powerful places tend to abuse it. It is shocking that in this era, persons still get mistreated. People yielding power use it to their own benefit. For instance, a doctor may carry out some tests for his patient, and because he has authority, he can easily change the results of the test to benefit him. He can diagnose a disease that does not exist so that he can continue treating the patient and continue enjoying the payments.

3) One thought provoking issue concerns misuse of power. This problem is so unethical, especially if the practice is done by a teacher to his or her learners. No matter how much people enjoy power and being in control, they should exercise it with caution because nobody stays in power for eternity.


1) The first theme emerging from the reading of chapter three is awareness. Public policies don’t just emerge overnight. It is, therefore, important for an authority or a public leader, especially school administrators to become aware of the gradual change so that they are not caught by surprise or unawares when the change finally takes place. Being aware of the gradual alterations makes it easier for a school head to develop positive response to the new policy.

Another major theme emerging is economic status. When developing a public policy, the economic state of the country has an impact. Between the year 2007 and 2009, the country went into recession. Many banks appeared to have closed down and a lot of people became unemployed. People lost their homes while others faced foreclosure on them. Because of this bad economic period, the new president brought forth a policy named economic stimulus program so as to revive the economic state of the country. This shows that the latter determines the public policies formed.

2) This reading contradicts the other readings because the latter indicate that economic status of a country is the only important factor to consider while formulating public policies. However, in this reading, other factors are also considered. Economic systems are not stable. If it is the only thing that determines a public policy, then they would be made and remade each and every time because things keep changing.

3) Knowledge is power. It is therefore advisable for everybody whether in a leadership position or not to be equipped well with all the happening in the government and the country because once a person is armed with current information, then they would be at a safe place in making decisions affecting them.

Another thought provoking issue is that of demography. It can affect the school policies. When the population increases in an area, then the school funds would be channeled to building other school hence interfering with the smooth running of the school activities.

These issues might influence my professional practice positively because I would now be aware that having knowledge about the current situation in the country is a very important tool because it influences the decisions and the happenings in a school.

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