Journals on Activist Organizations

Journals on Activist Organizations

In the modern environment, there are many different issues, and, as with any issue, some people choose to support it out of their personal views, and there are people who do not support the issues having their own reasons. Because of the differences in ideologies, different groups have come up, some of them seek the approval of the outstanding matters, while other groups request the restriction of various issues. Various groups address emotional needs of people and after doing psychoanalysis of emotions, leading to the formation of groups enables one to understand the reason why these organizations exist.

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Journal 1: NOW Foundation

I came to learn of the group after a time the media mentioned it because of efforts it made to free many oppressed women. The acronym stands for the National Organization for Women Foundation. After visiting the organization and carrying out research on its operations, I further understood the various problems women face in society and consequently increased my knowledge of the issue. After contacting one of their contacts, I came to understand mission of the organization that a lot of emotional content exists regarding the operations of organization and came to learn that, in general, the organization seeks for fair treatment of women around the world. Since the formation of the organization in 1986, it has worked effortlessly to ensure the freedom of women in different areas around the world. The organization has also worked with other organizations, such as the National Organization for Women (NOW ORG).

Decades ago, women faced many challenges, regarding the manner men perceived them. In earlier years, women did not even have a right to vote, and this is because males viewed women as the weaker gender and, thus, did not perceive the importance of their votes. Women have gone through different types of discrimination and this ranges from employment to the marriage institution. Reviewing the plight of women enables one to connect with the issue in an emotional manner. It is very merciful, disappointing and wrong for men to batter their wives in the way that some do because of the idea that they are the weaker gender. In employment, women have been the victims of discrimination that has seen less capable or rather less qualified people get the opportunity positions that a woman should have taken and this post is chosen out of gender and not talent. It has seen many women continuing to live in poverty just because of their gender, and this is a morose and hurting factor. Such issues are the ones that make the organization work harder and ensure that it reviews the state of women that they assist and help them again in a case of need.

Journal 2: American Atheist

American Atheist is an organization that supports the rights of atheists worldwide. Formation of the organization was in 1963 and since then has seen many people who do not have a religion getting the freedom of not affiliating with any. I came to learn of the organization after reading a piece about it in a newspaper. In early days, most of the colonizers had a requirement that people follow a specific religion based on the colonizer’s background. It had many people moving to churches and mosques that were the major religious faiths. However, since 1963 the organization has pushed for the rights of people and stated that freedom is essential which has seen most of these people gaining strength to leave their affiliated faith at the time. The atheist group has also sought to ensure that the government does not carry out any actions that attempt to challenge the choice of people and their related religions. The organization started after a case that was against the recitation of prayers in school institution went through, and the reason for the argument passing was the lack of any law against atheists (Atheists Org).

Many emotional factors existed for during the formation of the organization and going through them enables understanding of the issues that atheists go through. The psychological factor to state concerning the fact that children are forced to grow up learning about additional issues in school, such as prayers. It is the freedom of children to decide the religion to go with. When schools and organizations do this, they fail to have the freedom of children against abuse in sight, and this can have a significant toll on the child later on if he/she grows up with ideologies that do not support the subjective views. Parents have also been the target of this organization, and this is because of the manner they force their children to follow a particular lifestyle.

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Journal 3: PETA

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an organization formed in the year 1980 have made different changes in the environment regarding the manner people treat animals in the contemporary environment. I came to learn of the organization from a vegetarian friend of mine. According to the company’s site, it focuses on four main areas that have seen animals go through many different problems (Peta Org). One of the areas focused on is the clothing industry. In this industry, animals are skinned and, eventually, their skin is used in the manufacture of clothing commodities, such as leather jackets and shows. The other industry is the food industry that has seen the slaughtering of animals of different breeds, so that the meat can feed people. The laboratories are other areas to focus on, and this is because the labs go to the field and hunt the animals, so that they can get samples to test for their research reasons. The entertainment industry also abuses animals, and this is through the carnivores that exist where people take different animals there and have the creatures performing activities that do not match their natural lives. Looking at the emotional basis in the creation of this group has one identifying the nature of vegetarians. Most of these people have the ideology of presenting humans in place of animals and the kind of lives we would live.

Journal 4: Greenpeace International

Greenpeace International is an organization that seeks to achieve quality living by ensuring people live in an efficient manner by watching how they treat the environment. The organization was founded in 1971 and since then has advocated for the appropriate use of resources, ensuring people recycle what is recyclable and, consequently, saving the environment, in general. Some of the goals of organization include catalysing the energy revolution. It is also their goal to ensure that management of oceans is done better. The organization also works to ensure that trees and forests in the world are secured from deforestation (Greenpeace Org).

Getting an emotional aspect of this organization is after reviewing the state of people in the contemporary environment. Many individuals in the modern world have suffered due to the increased rates of pollution and the factor of death out of a condition that people can control is what makes one understand the organization. There is also the perception that trees and animals are innocent. Taking this attitude gets one merciful, and this is because the lives of these animals are always in danger of various factors that may harm them. If it were human beings in their place, our lives would be rather difficult since we would always live in fear. There is also the issue of speaking for the animals. The only reason that human beings get an extended life, as compared to animals is that they have the ability to speak out their issues and bring unity in the world. However, animals do not have this ability, and, thus, it is important to save their lives for they are also God’s creatures.

Journal 5: Human Rights Campaign

Human Rights Campaign is an organization founded in the year 1980. The organization was formed with the aim of ensuring that people, regardless of their sexual orientation, race or any other factor differentiating people do not offer a base for discrimination. The contemporary environment has seen changes about this. In the early years, people got discriminated based on the color of their skin. Black people did not have any freedom and received the poorest and worst of amenities. I came to learn of the organization after carrying out internet research on the best human rights organizations. One of the primary goals of the organization is to ensure freedom of people in all areas of the world and offer a platform where people that go through discrimination can report the issues and have the organization research on the matter (HRC Org).

Most of the members are gay, lesbians or bisexuals. Understanding the emotional basis involved with the introduction of this organization is putting oneself in the shoes of the person under discrimination. Regardless of the differences between people, it is imperative to understand the state of the other person and recognize that if they were in such a condition, they would also not like it. It is important for people to treat others as equals. Some people hate lesbians and gays but in a real sense, these are some of the nicest people in the world.

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