Essay Topics about Education

Essay Topics about Education

Can you think of the world without universities or schools? While we don’t want to get up early and get overwhelmed by all the knowledge given to us and all the requirements that we need to adhere, it’s impossible to deny the importance of education.

I think that an uneducated person has no chances to succeed in the future, even though there are exceptions out of any rule. But generally speaking, education and its quality is often the indicator of how successful the person will become in his or her life because such a person simply gets more opportunities.

It’s a popular opinion among our parents that everyone needs to be educated if they want to enjoy happy and stable life. And most of the time they are right because being educated greatly reduces the risk of being thrown to the outskirts of life. We can go further and suggest that education is a rope, which binds an individual to greatness. An educated person becomes linked with greatness, but in order to achieve it, that person has to climb up and overcome obstacles. On the other hand, the lack of education leads people to inability to contribute to their families and society; it also leads to low self-esteem and in many cases to psychological problems. Therefore, we can undoubtedly approve that knowledge is power indeed.

When we’re talking about education, we need to understand that it’s more than just the ability to read, write, analyze, etc. It’s a complex set of knowledge, which prepares a person for functioning in the modern world. It gives the individual an opportunity to contribute to the society and live a meaningful life. Another important side of education is that it reduces poverty and inequality and for this reason, it is an indispensable mechanism behind national well-being.

People require education to be able to provide for themselves, their family and their loved ones. Fundamentally, education inspires stability, transparency, good governance, and aids to resist corruption and graft.

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Lastly, think about people who live in poor nations and have no opportunity to get an education. Their lack of education is the number one reason for their suffering. So, don’t waste your time, educate yourself and strive for your dream future both for your own benefit and for the benefit of your country and the world.