Drug Use in Juveniles

Drug Use in Juveniles Free Essay

Juvenile delinquency is one of the things that has baffled many people in the world to day as they do not understand the reasons as to why such a behavior still continuous. This has made many people to have different opinions concerning this issue therefore ending up in wrong decisions when it comes to matters pertaining to delinquency. Some say that delinquency comes as a result of peer while others on the other hand say it is some kind of child abuse. Due to this difference in opinion, people have not yet arrived to the real definition of this kind of behavior as they do not understand it better. There are some theorists who gave out their opinion concerning this matter of delinquency saying that one of the major factors that they think formed the basis for delinquency was a combination of both peer and the socio-economic conditions. These kind of juvenile behaviors are some of the factors that lead to juvenile drug use as delinquency acts as the major basis for juvenile drug use.

A sample test or experiment was carried out by some of the two individuals whose interests were aimed at finding the real cause of delinquency because they found it more common in children. In their study or experiment, they used over 338 children of which they found out that there were three causes of delinquency, one being the relationship between the children and their parents. This was termed as one of the key cause because they realized that most of the parents do not punish their children even if they commit a serious offence or mistake and this may in turn lead to this kind of behavior creating room for drug use. (Brenzel, 1980) Secondly, is the peer pressure that they define as involvement in bad companies that end up misleading some of the youths. The kind of punishment mentioned in the first cause result does not necessarily mean that it is the main cause but just an action that can help in controlling delinquency.

The control statuses expected of parents are not just to punish but also to reward and appreciate any good thing done by our children. Juvenile as one of the issues of concern in today’s world, has various definitions depend on how one understands it. This is a matter of concern because it does not affect the adults but children who are believed to be the leaders of tomorrow. This behavior is not always common on adult but in some rare cases. There are various methods that were given out by various experts concerning the issue but all fell in vain as people did not still know the real meaning of delinquency and some of the effects that were associated with it. A large number that fall victim to this kind of behavior are children who are still under the umbrella of their parents. This is one of the reasons as to why a large amount of victims come out from this bracket of children. Children are still weak in a number of ways for they do no also understand the real meaning of life and some of its aspects which could be either negative or positive.

Wong is also one of the researchers concerning this issue, gave out his results that delinquency is brought about by so many things or activities that one involve himself in. He says that the basis of this kind of behavior is idleness or lack of a constructive work that can keep one busy. He also defines some of the human activities and relates them to this kind of behavior. As per his perception and finding, there are long term activities that one may involve himself in and those that are referred to as short term activities. The short term activities are those that are always of benefit to the person who involves in it. One of these short term activities is smoking. From this example, Wong also says that those who involve in long term activities do not always fall victims to delinquency as they are focused and have dreams of which they intend to realize in life.

In very many nations, this issue is always a big problem as they did not have ideal ways of dealing with or curbing this situation. America as one of the states with a stable economy also falls victim to this kind of situation. America as the super power of all other nations in the world, has laid out some of the control measures that should be taken by its citizens in dealing with this issue. Just like any other nation or state, it also has certain rules and regulations that govern the characters of its citizens. The American Natives are highly subjected to certain policies that can not give them room for involvement in bad behaviors though there are those who still find themselves ion the wrong side of the law. There is also one source or basis of delinquency that the people are always subjected to or prone to. Children in America are rarely punished as they are bound by that parental love that makes them feel as if they are always on the positive side of life. This p-parental love comes about due to the love and care that the Americans have for their children.

There are many organizations that are started or established to deal with this situation. The main purpose or aim of these organizations is to bring out children and even adults who fall in this trap out so as to have a delinquent free environment. (Pisciotta, 1985)Delinquency brings a lot of impacts on a child’s life as his or her destiny would have been blocked by this character. The kind of thinking that it gives to children also makes it very difficult to convince them to cease from this behavior hence declares their lives ruined. This kind of character or behavior may also give rise very many cases that tend to affect the society negatively. Some of these cases are things like disobedience, rudeness and stubbornness. When a child begins to experience these kinds of behaviors, then it becomes very difficult to help him or her out of that situation s as he will be reasoning with a different perspective.

The organizations formed are not also to use violence or any force in dealing with this matter but just to offer counseling top those who may be in a position to hear from them. Some of these organizations are based in the United States for this is one of the powerful states in the world from which almost all decisions are made concerning certain prevailing issues. Due to American joint fight concerning this issue, the matter can therefore be considered to be the world’s biggest problem. Though the young people or youths are protected by law, those youths who are identified by the government as juvenile delinquents are cut out of protections as they are the ones who bring a lot of harm to the state and are therefore considers to fall in the brackets of the young threats to the state or country.

There are safety measures that are taken by various countries apart from America based on clearing delinquency. Some of the safety measures that can prevent the rise of these behaviors are very many as listed by certain experts. Some of these measures refer to the chain of programs put in line for the youths so as to keep them busy. One of the safety measure put in place is education. Education in this case is meant to create awareness to the youths on the effects of certain activities that they get involved in. (Pisciotta, 1983) Education should also be conducted everywhere so as to develop an understanding on the minds of the youths. Some of the issues that are supposed to ne touched while dealing with this situation are things like sex, effects of drugs, gangs, weapons and other things that a parent or any other person may think to be bad and harmful to the lives of the youth.

Education is mainly aimed at opening the windows of opportunity to the youths that in turn guarantee a bright future for them. Secondly, there is recreation that also contributes a lot in changing the lives of the youths. With recreation, youths are kept busy hence cannot have time to think and plan for evils. Just as it is always said that idle mind is the workshop of the devil, youths are not also allowed to be idle especially at given hours that are recorded to be dangerous for their lives as that is the time in which crime rate tend to go high. With crime rate being high at 3pm, youths are ensured to be busy doing some things that may keep them happy or interact with each other.

Community involvement is also another alternative option set out for the youths in relation the problems arising. Here, youths are given chance to get involved in societal matters or participate in certain community affairs as this makes them feel part of the community and not dumped. With these involvement, the rate of juvenile delinquent can reduce or go down as they are not also given time to interact in discussing wrong plans but community development. Some of the things or activities that the youths may involve in include things like church youth groups, girl scouts and boy youth scouts. Bullying is also one of the things that should be stopped in schools to especially high schools.

This is another key basis for juvenile delinquency as some of the youths or children drop out of school due to the hash treatment that they get from their fellow students. This kind of treatment does not also give a youth or student a humble time for reading. This type of treatment has a lot of disadvantages not only to the person being bullied but also to the one bullying his or her fellow. This disadvantage of effect come in that, the one being bullied does not get a peaceful place to study because of the disturbances he or she gets from others. The one bullying his fellow also waste a lot of his or her time of study busy bullying other students. This is also a disadvantage to the two categories of students and this call for the withdrawal of these bad acts in schools.

Another thing that should be done is to do away with repeated offences or end repeated offences. The youths should be cautioned not to be fond of repeating mistakes or offences as this can also contribute largely in dealing with this issue. (Mennel, 1974) When such all these things are put in place for the youths, the level of juvenile delinquency can make a great change in the world history as all the youths would have been kept busy. Some of these things have been availed recently though there are still some cases of juvenile delinquency that seem to be having more weight than all these things availed or mentioned. Due to these weights, some strategies are therefore developed to help in dealing with this matter

Some of these strategies are, youth violence and delinquency prevention, Here a rule should be given that punishes those teaches the youths bad behavior or involve them in bad companies. There should also be an endorsement to the law that punishes those who fall victims of juvenile delinquency. Some of these strategies that are to be put in place should favor certain youth affairs that are genuine. The youths should also be given the chance to give out their views concerning the problems that they feel are strongly pined to their lives. Various government organs should also help in curbing this process by providing job opportunities to those youths who might have completed their studies.

Juvenile delinquency is the mother of all other bad activities that the youth or young people involve in hence this tends to form basis for drug use. The drug use here is also brought by peer grouping of those youth who fall in the same group of delinquency. There are very many factors that may lead to juvenile drug use but the main factor is juvenile delinquency that is mentioned in this paper. This therefore brings it into a clear view that when juvenile drug use is to be controlled or put into a stop, Juvenile delinquency has to be dealt with first being the main cause. Many countries also get challenged by this king of behavior as it increases the rate of drug use in youths or young children though it has become very difficult to curb or go a bout it due to fact that the youths create mentalities in their minds viewing drug use as a great act to do in life or some kind of heroism. This kind of act is most common in the united state of America for it is here where residents enjoy their full rights and freedom being the largest state and pace setters.

Though this matter may be of less interest to other countries in the world, it is great interest to Americans as they want a genuine way of dealing with it. In America, all people are supposed to be subjected to justice and that is why it has a stable economic stability. Justice in this case refers to all the efforts made to ensure one gets freedom or freed from whatever thing that might ruin his or her life. Juvenile delinquency being one of them, the American government is therefore out for a fight of ensuring its people are freed from all these bad behaviors. (Miller, 1974) A strong body that deals with cases on juvenile is based in America as it is the country that is always out in ensuring its citizens or residents get a good comfort that can in turn give them that peace of mind. The issue of juvenile delinquency can therefore be clearly seen that it has some weight in America. This is so due to the large population of the Americans.

America has a very large population that at times become very difficult for the government to mention. It is also due to this huge population that they have decided to set up very many bodies that deal with these issues so as to help in the governance of every state in terms of problem solving. Juvenile delinquency can also be curbed by implementing a stern law or policy that governs the criminals or those children who might happen to victims of delinquency. With this, the American government will not experience any problem whatsoever as anything that they will be doing, they’ll have to weigh the consequences first before going on with whatever they intend to do.

When all the strategies are put in place and youths given chance to participate in certain societal activities, they’ll not be any problem with the youths as they will learn to distinguish what is write and what is wrong. (Pisciotta, 1984) Though the people or residents of America are complaining about their youths or children who have got involved in bad companies or have inherited bad behaviors, they have enough facilities and potential to deal with the matter. Many youths in America also find themselves in a mess because they live in a powerful Sate that contains all that they can or may need at any time. Juvenile delinquency can also be said to be an immoral behavior within the society.

This kind of behavior has some impending effects that are linked to its victim’s life. It is also due to this effects makes the American government to react quick in finding solutions that could help its people escape some of these impending effects. Very many countries are by then following the American steps concerning this issue as they believe in it as their pace setter. It is also from the umbrella of the Americans that many countries run find solutions to their problems. It can therefore generally be concluded after all the facts given out in this paper that, juvenile delinquency, is the kind of behavior that is associated with very many things hence can serve as the master behavior in the bracket of all other bad behaviors encountered in life.

It contains, smoking, sexual activities, stealing, murder and all other serious offences committed in life. This is also why the Americans and any other country join hands in driving it away. Though the Americans and any other country or state tries, Drug use still becomes very difficult for then to do away with in relation to the lives of the youths. This is so because many youths get addicted to drugs and will finds all means of making sure they use those drugs of which without them, they do not feel comfortable. This makes drug use to be a secret act making all the efforts made towards curbing it to go in vain. The only alternative that may be left in dealing with this act is by involving the juveniles or youths in some kind of talks or counseling concerning the harm of drug use.

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