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Under your state's child abuse and neglect statutes, what should have the nurse done?

The nurse should have prepared a treatment plan and include every little detail relating to the condition of the boy. Considering that the child is only 2 years old, it was very necessary for the nurse to alert the state's child abuse hotline in order to get the directions on how to go about the treatment so as to shift the blame of negligence to the mother after investigations. Moreover, a child is not as intelligent as an adult to be in a position to notify the nurse that the dime bruises under the eye were not as a result of leaning back in the booster seat as the mother put it; hence it was the nurse's duty to examine carefully every part that needed attention.

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Does the flight crew have an obligation under your state's child abuse and neglect statutes to report suspected abuse beyond telling the hospital nurse?

The flight crew had an obligation to report the abuse to the state's child abuse hotline before airlifting the child to the nurse. It is worth remarking that the bruises that characterized the abusive head trauma were not as a result of the child leaning back on his booster seat and had been previously instilled by the abusive mother. Therefore, under law, the flight crew would also be responsible alongside the nurse for not giving attention to that part. However, it is worth noting that the flight attendant may not be held responsible due to the nature of their job. They are meant to airlift victims in cases of emergencies and rush them to the nearest health center as soonest possible, thus they may be pardoned for not paying attention to the bruises.

Explain in detail what ethical issues are involved in this type of case and why.

The issue of bad parenthood is evident in this case as demonstrated by the mother of the child. One can note that the child has been assaulted to an extent of developing abusive head trauma. In addition negligence is another issue that rises from this setting. The nurse did not care to fully examine the condition of the child, an act which led to her being charged for a criminal activity under Missouri law.

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