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The intelligence community has over the past years relied on technological advances to aid in investigative ventures. The use of technology has the potential to unfolding the best results in terms of legality and relevance if controlled appropriately. However, these methods have the tendency of violating individual rights in most cases if not properly checked. Most shortcomings, therefore, arise from lacking in measures that help regulate violations of the privacy of citizens.

Intelligence agencies are known to break into people’s homes and property in order to collect information and plant surveillance items. Such practices generalize the scope investigations and in turn subjects citizens to legal fields without prior categorization as suspects. Another shortcoming arising from investigative activities involves the tendency of creating a crisis of interpretation. It may involve a minor testifying on camera against an abuser. The argument behind the act is usually to shield the child from facing her abuser while testifying, but on the other hand, the constitution stipulates that the person testifying must face the accused. It is supposedly hard to falsely accuse somebody whom you are in full view of. Data on social science fields collected from large numbers of people is another form of technological approach. Whenever such measures get applied in predicting individual behaviors, major flaws become imminent.

Constitutionally, it is quite evident that the most affected areas are personal privacy and other activities supported by the constitution. It is also clear that most technological schemes in the process of investigation violate the privacy of individuals. The process of their forceful installation and publicizing the privacy of individuals features prominently. Although these ventures prove to be useful in protecting individuals, a clear state of regulation must be formulated to protect human unintended human rights violations. They might also speed up or bring accurate results, but technology also poses other dangers and violations if not applied properly, or under regulations.

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