Criminal Justice Definition

Criminal Justice Definition Free Essay

This paper is about criminal justice. Crime is the act of doing what is right in the society. What is right and wrong is spelled out in the society’s norms.  Justice, on the other hand, refers to the fair and impartial trial of the individuals who have committed the crime.

Similarly, the law can be defined as a system of rules enforced through legally constituted institutions. Therefore criminal justice is putting into place and the study of laws in relation to criminal behavior. The people involved in the study of criminal justice are the police, workers in the judiciary and lawyers. It, therefore, implies that criminal justice and law go hand in hand.

In any country, the main objective of the law is to give a set of rules for Criminal justice is the application or study of laws regarding criminal behavior. Those that are involved in the in the field of crime such as the police, FBI or CIA must also study criminal justice. It, therefore, follows that the course at whole involves the study of psychology, history of criminal justice, ethics and sociology to give a comprehensive coverage of the justice system.

The major focus of the study of criminal justice in the United States is mostly on the policing and police science. In addition to this, criminal justice involves how to combine the practical procedures and technical policies.

Criminal justice is one of the most interesting courses and it enables an individual to know what the law requires of him or her. It also helps those concerned to know their areas of study well. This helps them to carry their duties diligently and with respect to the rule of law.

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