Comparison of Hinduism and Buddhism

Hinduism and Buddhism Free Essay Sample

Religion is a sacred engagement, which is believed to be a spiritual reality. Religion is a worldwide occurrence that has played a major role in all human being culture set of convictions or practices existing in some single religion traditions. An adequate understanding of religion must take into account its distinctive qualities and patterns as a form of human experience, as well as the similarities and differences in religion across human cultures. They include Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islamic and Christianity, among others. Divinity is the quality associated with being God. The religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Roman mythology have the following similarities in the image of divinity (Dobbelaere 111).

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They all believe in reincarnation. The believers of these religions all believe that there is life after death. They do not reverse Jesus as a divinity. They do not see Jesus as their personal savior. They have their own gods whom they recognize. Citizens and the governments recognize all these religions. They are organized religions; they have set ways of worshiping their God. They also have the teachings that are common to the earliest group of Hinduism. They teach their followers on the way to worship, the way to follow their traditional beliefs and how to respect their god. Salvation is a major practice in these religions. However, these religions defer in the following ways; Buddhism religion does not recognize the existence of god while others worship their god.

The Buddhism also does not believe in the creations of myths. Any particular prophet does not found Hinduism while the Buddha founded Buddhism. Hindu believes in Hindu trinity. The Buddhist does not accept any Hindu gods (Wellings 109). The code of behaviors is a set of unwritten rules concerning acceptable standards of behavior. These religions all have a holy place where they conduct their services. Their respect the holy book, all religion has the holy books that they follow their practices. All the religions practice the polygamy. Polygamy is the tradition of having more than one partner at the same time. They all worship their creator and ask for guidance from him.

All the religions condemn the practice of homosexuality in the society. Judaism and Buddhism practiced the use of monasticism. This is a spiritual way of life described by the practice of relinquishing worldly hobby to fully devote one’s self to religious work. Hinduism religions are vegetarian. This is because they worship animals such as cow, as their god ( Webster 34). The relationship is feelings toward somebody else. The Buddhism and Hinduism differ in fundamental beliefs on heaven and hell. Hindus recognize heaven and hell as a temporary places, where every soul has to live, either for the good deeds or for their sins committed. Buddhism does not believe in the existence of souls. Hinduism is divided into a big number of communal groups called cage. It is only the members of the same cage are supposed to marry. This creates a bad relationship with other religions.

The religions have a relationship in the way they worship their gods except that of Buddhism. Consciousness is the shared spirits and principles of others. The religion of Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism all believe in one God. Judaism and Islamic religions are Abrahamic religions. This is because they both believe in Abraham as the founder of monotheism. They both consider Jerusalem as the blessed place and they both have eating limitation. The Christianity hates the mode of worship of the Hinduism. They do not recognize in worshiping animals as their gods. Christianity recognizes the presence of Jesus as its being opposed by other religions. The issue of Hinduism and Buddhism believing after death there is rebirth it is not supported by many religions since they believe in life after death (Joshi 45).

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