What to Write in College Application Essay

What to Write in College Application Essay

Almost every person applying to college faces the challenge of writing an application essay. Before you even start writing, you first need to decide what to write about. And that’s a major difficulty because you want to find a topic that is both interesting for the admissions officers and shows your personality. To help you with that, we’ve prepared a good advice below.

Five Top Application Essay Topics

Memorable Meal

We spend a lot of time eating. Moreover, other things happen while we eat so eventually we start associating meals with certain events from our lives. You’re bound to find something that you can tell about to the admissions officers. It can be related to annual Christmas dinner when all the relatives get at your grandparents’ house and catch up. Or about the meal at the elementary school cafeteria that you loved to share with your childhood friend. Whatever brings back memories that can be developed in a story will work out well.

Outdoor Activity

This topic is good because in childhood we spend a lot of time outside. This part of your life is also the period when the most vivid memories are created so it’s possible that you also have something to look back to. For example, building a tree house with other kids from your street can show a lot of your personality. Depending on your role in the process, you can show your leadership, creative or comic features.


Every person regardless of age has some challenges behind their back. Writing about how you overcame a difficult situation and found a way out is basically the best thing you can do in a college application essay. When writing about life challenges, you can show many sides of your personality. Moreover, college is a challenge by itself so if you already have experience of dealing with difficulties, the admission officers will greatly appreciate that.


This topic is similar to the previous one. Sometimes we cannot overcome a challenge, and it ends up in a form of a failure. However, often fails are an even bigger motivation than success. Many people can succeed but not everyone can fail and still get up and keep going. It might be difficult to go back to your moment of weakness and recall it, but failures teach us life lessons, and that’s something you should definitely include in an essay.


If you don’t want to look back in the past, you can talk about your future. Do you want to make a difference? What is your life goal? Don’t be afraid to dream big because that’s what shows your potential. One of the features that future students should possess is thinking ahead and building plans. If you already have something to offer, don’t hesitate to share it in an essay.

Remember that no one is perfect, and your essay shouldn’t make it seem as if you are. Just stay true to yourself because that’s what’s appreciated the most.