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Dear Governor Andrew M. Cuomo:

I am writing to address the current issue of nurse shortage in the nursing profession. Experts say that this shortage is not only experienced in the nation but also internationally and it is postulated to extend till the year 2020. I have been a lifelong resident of New York and an employed registered nurse at Beth Israel Medical Centre. Writing with the interest of my fellow residents of New York at heart, it's so sad to express that the quality of medical services is diminishing due to overloading of nurses. The increasing number of patients per a nurse is in a way raising the mortality rate. This is caused by poor working conditions, aging and retirement of registered nurses versus decreased enrolment of nursing students in school due to increased women career opportunities and wrong perception about the nursing profession.

I would like to honestly ask for your help and support on this matter regarding the shortage of nurses. I would suggest for a symposium that will address the issues of nursing as a profession, its ethics, codes and conducts, the impending challenges and its overall importance in ensuring quality healthcare to the society. This is intended to shape and restore the image of the nursing profession and encourage students and institutions of learning to realize its important roles in health services thus incorporating it in curriculums since otherwise it will occasion a wage increase of about 65% by 2016 to restore the labor balance.

Proactive approaches should be crafted and installed to support professional registered nurses to discuss issues on their line of practice and improve working environment and an ultimate patient care. This will ensure that employers, professional colleagues and patients are served best through collaborative efforts of all stakeholders for the benefit of everyone in the society.

I would greatly appreciate your views on the subject for the better health care of New York residents. Thank you for your time and attention.

Yours faithfully,

Shinu Varghese

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