Choosing a Career Based on Your Personality Type

Choosing a Career based on Your Personality Type

Do you find choosing a career path to be difficult? Do you prefer reading theories about types of personality? Then you’d better take into consideration both and combine the two of them!

The Holland Codes that are also called RIASE state that all people can be sorted according to six types of personality. John L. Holland, an American psychologist, invented these incredible codes in 1958. The test was designed in such a way so that an individual is able to uncover his/her talents, gifts, motivations, predispositions. As a matter of fact, a certain person will get to know which career suits him/her the best based on the results of the test. So, the Holland Codes are helpful in selecting the most suitable career path. Holland himself admitted that if a person chooses an occupation, this act reflects much about him/her: motivation, the amount of knowledge, personality type as well as ability.

Actually, a person might even have several types of personality. However, one will be dominant. In order to find out which type you belong to, try taking the test. The next step is locating the appropriate paragraph below, and you are about to discover your personality type! Thus, your problems connected with career choice will be undoubtedly solved.


If you fit this type, it means that you enjoy doing something with your hands. Nevertheless, it is not the same as going into construction. Such individuals hate nonsense and they are really delighted when their career is not related to abstract work. The “builder” wants to interact physically with his/her environment.

Realistic type very often fits men, especially athletes, agricultural workers, and carpenters. Frankly speaking, if builders get mixed with other types of personality, they might choose such careers as a dancer (builder/creator), a chef (builder/creator/persuader) or an experimental scientist (builder/thinker).


The main similarity between a scientist, a researcher, and an academic is that all of them like working with abstract ideas. Thinkers adore doing some logical tasks. They prefer tackling a hard problem and usually don’t have anything in common with builders.


It’s common knowledge that creators try to stay away from the environments where they feel restricted and where everything is structured and constructed. Thus, a desk job doesn’t suit them. This group includes painters, dancers, musicians, etc.


These individuals are rather compassionate and sympathetic. They know what high-cooperation is and can be good counselors and teachers. Helpers are mostly women and are usually in sales as well as management.


This group consists of lawyers, politicians. They like to be influential and have power.


Such personality types enjoy systemizing, streamlining processes and filing. They can work in different sectors, like military, legal or even medical industries.