Childhood and Race of Abraham Lincoln

Childhood and Race of Abraham Lincoln Free Essay

Ex-president of the USA was born on February 12, 1809, in Kentucky nearly two hundred years ago. Lincoln's family moved towards the Indiana and lived there until 1830. Early childhood development greatly foreshadowed the adulthood. Lincoln also remembered those days of his childhood when he was four years old. He absorbed the story telling skills of his father and anticipating sentiments. He learned to bear the hardship and exhibited the quick intelligence by showing the passions for reading and conversation. He was greatly impacted by his living in Kentucky although he lived for a longer time in Indiana and Illinois, because Lincoln parents, step-mother, law partners and closest friends were also from Kentucky.

When the civil war started Lincoln wanted to keep himself on the side of the Kentucky. Historians have concluded that Lincoln belonged to second families as his father could only read and write his name. Lincoln grew strong and big during his stay at the Knob Creek under the affection of his parents. His mother taught him letters at the age of 5 years. Lincoln's parents had not received the formal education but they wanted their children to get the formal education. Brian Dirck the professor of the Anderson University in Indiana has provided the views of slavery and race. It is difficult to discern but make effort to understand the Civil War. Lincoln has told an audience that slavery is a real question. Most Kentuckians considered the Lincoln a dangerous and radical liberal. Lincoln always believed in equality of rights between whites and black.

Lincoln was a moderate person and embraced not only the Republican Party but also eradicated the slavery which he set his very defining issue. Lincoln was a supporter of the prevention of the slavery and looked that day of its eventual demise. Kentuckians were the major slaveholders. Lincoln knew the issue of the slavery and did not need the feeling by the antislavery sentiments. After he comes to the advocate of the antislavery he wanted the race mixing that was equality between the blacks and whites. Author has pointed out that there existed differences between the whites and blacks and they could not live together as no harmony was there for their co-living. Race was an intuitive thing at that level which was also controversial, emotional and volatile.

Lincoln was himself a Kentuckian but his belief about the race has separated him from the place of birth. In Bluegrass state, when he was a child he learned about the race relations in America that was different from those days at Kentucky. His residential at Kentucky impacted laterally upon his learning about the race. Lincoln grew in an environment where he appreciated the good and evil qualities of the men. Lincoln's stay at Kentucky and his father Thomas thoughts about the antislavery made him enlightening on the race. Lincoln had been not so close to his father and Thomas thoughts about belief did not operate much like his father. Economist belief also advocated that American African deserved the same with white peoples. Lincoln was eight years old when attitude about ethnic groups and African American entered into his consciousness. During the days of the Indiana and Illinois, many factors were shaped his attitudes towards the slavery and race. During his travel to Indiana, he stopped to go to the home of slaveholders.


In this paper childhood life of Abraham Lincoln is focused on bringing his thoughts about the slavery and race. This paper is based on the findings of the Brian Dirck from his articles.

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