Chess Benefits to Our Health

Widely known as an intellectual game, chess is definitely one of the best activities to exercise your brain. The game became popular in the 1950s and is still played by different generations in various parts of the world. Although you will not be able to tone your muscles by playing chess, this game gives you the chance to develop your intellectual skills. In addition to life-long mental health, chess players get other benefits that are listed below.

Advantages of playing chess

  1. It enables brain growth. Games that involve brain exercises promote the growth of dendrites that send out alarms from the neuron cells of the brain. As the number of dendrites increases, the communication among the brain cells improves. A game of chess is the perfect example of a game that induces dendrites’ growth, because it involves human interaction within a challenging intellectual activity.
  2. It trains both parts of the brain. According to German researchers, when chess players were requested to identify geometric shapes and chess positions, both parts of their brain became extremely active. When identifying simple shapes, their reaction time was the same, but the players used both hemispheres of the brain to be able to respond to chess positions quickly.
  3. It helps you raise your IQ. People have always wondered whether intellectuals prefer playing chess or it is the game that makes people smarter? The recent research has revealed the truth. The results of 4,000 Venezuelan students proved that their IQ’s became significantly higher after four months of playing chess.
  4. It hinders Alzheimer’s. As we grow older, it becomes essential that we maintain brain activity to keep it fit and healthy. Up-to-date research proved that people over 75 who take part in intellectual games are less likely to suffer from dementia than their peers. Thus, playing chess makes the brain more powerful and resistant to memory loss even if you are over 75.
  5. It develops creativity. If you want to boost your originality, playing chess is a perfect activity. The matter is that it develops the right hemisphere which is responsible for human creativity. The recent study has also proved that students who play chess showed better results of creative performance than their peers who preferred other kinds of sports.
  6. It develops problem-solving ability. Chess game requires instant thinking and making quick decisions. A research carried out in 1992 proved that students who played intellectual games performed better when they took standardized tests than their peers.

It is true that chess benefits make a real impact on your health and mental development. Do not lose time! Learn how to play chess now and improve your intellectual skills every day.