Cheap Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Some people think that Valentine’s Day is a super-expensive holiday. Of course, if you have a lot of money, you can spend $20 on chocolates, $50 – on flowers and $100 – on your dinner. But you must know that romantic doesn’t mean expensive. Very often, it is quite the opposite. Try out our budget-friendly celebration and gift ideas. We assure that you and your beloved won’t regret it!

Ways for celebrating Valentine's Day on a budget

  • Have a low-priced romantic meal. If you both want to have a celebration on a budget, you won’t mind saving a few dollars on your dinner out. For that, you can use coupons and check out special promotions offered by some restaurants. Also, keep in mind: if you decide to celebrate a few days before or after February 14, prices will be much lower!
  • Stay in. Staying at home and cooking a dinner together can be more romantic than eating in the fanciest restaurant. After all, there will be only the two of you, and you will feel very comfortable.
  • Make your own card. Valentine’s Day cards are extremely overpriced. You can make one by yourself. Just write about your feelings and add a good picture of the two of you. Say what memories this picture arises. For certain, this gift will be much more meaningful than any card bought in a store.
  • Create a gift. Make a list of why you love your significant other and put it somewhere he/she will see it in the morning. Create a memory box with your photos and some meaningful things. Bake a cake. Write a poem. Options are countless. And they’re much better than stuffed toys or chocolates.
  • Just be together. Spend as much time as possible together on this day. Do whatever you like to do – take a walk in your favorite park, visit an art gallery, watch a movie at home, relax and recall all the most important moments from your relationship. Every moment you spend together is valuable. So, value it and just be in the present moment. Together, in your love.

Remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t about spending enormous sums of money on fancy restaurants and unnecessary gifts. It is about celebrating your love. So, do it this year.