Business Expansion and Sustainability

Business Expansion and Sustainability Free Essay


The current essay provides the understanding of the performance of the recruitment process in the small day care company. High quality of the recruiting will enable hiring of competent and experienced employees who will effectively fulfill their duties and present new ideas for the development of the business. During the process, much attention will be paid to skills and knowledge which are necessary for the interaction with children.

Job Requirements

The current work poses the following compulsory requirements to people who want to apply for vacant positions in the company: previous working experience, completed higher education, and desire for personal improvement. Additional attention will be paid to the fact that applicants who want to become Certified Day Care Professionals and Registered Nurse Professionals should have corresponding certificates.

Previous work experience is the most important requirement to the applicant. The person should clearly understand how to fulfill organizational tasks. Previous experience shows that the person knows how to perform his or her job and how to meet any challenges because communication with children requires sufficient psychological fortitude and skills. Furthermore, much attention should be paid to the personal ability to become the reliable member of the existing team. An individual should know how to build formal and informal relationships with co-workers and clients, take active part in the decision-making process, propose new ideas and support them.

The next requirement is completed higher education. The applicant should have necessary knowledge of the working process (like, taking care of children). The copy of the document concerning the completion of the relevant educational institution has to be provided to the manager during the first interview.

The last but not the least requirement to the candidate is willingness to further professional and personal growth. The desire to study something new, to propose unique ideas and to develop unusual approaches shows that the person will continuously improve working skills. In the scenario under consideration, the day care business is constantly growing. Hence, new ideas will stipulate its further development, and lead to the improvement of the quality of the day care and increase of the effectiveness and efficiency of rendered services.

All of the above mentioned requirements are applicable to both internal and external recruitment. People who already work in the organization and want to occupy a new position due to the growth of the business should also have completed higher education and desire for self-improvement.

Ways the Requirements Could Impact Staffing at the Company

All the stated requirements that are directed to hiring the personnel guarantee the improvement of the organizational performance. Firstly, previous working experience means that the person knows how to perform his/her duties on the high level. This requirement will lower the necessity of strict control over the work of new employee. At the same time, it will form the background for successful interaction with other staff members. The desire for further improvement provides the understanding of the fact that the new employee wants professional and personal development. New ideas can be beneficial for the existing staff of the company because they could variegate the working process and make it more effective.

Ensuring that Applicants Meet the Identified Professional Requirements

The manager could ensure that applicants meet all of the identified requirements by using the special recruitment strategy. To start with, documents which evidence the completion of the appropriate educational institution (and certificate if it is necessary for the applied position) can be presented by the applicant during the first interview or prior to it. An individual can also bring the official letter from the previous employer (or employers) for testifying previous working experience. Moreover, the manager can send the request to the previous working place of the candidate for checking the information concerning the person and his expertise. Naturally, in the case of the internal recruitment, the manager will not ask for information concerning the previous working experience.

The personal desire for the further improvement can be determined during the interview by asking the applicant special questions. They may concern the future plans, new projects and ideas. The answers to these questions will show if the candidate wants to study something new and to develop his or her professional skills. The implementation of the above mentioned strategy will assure the manager that the applicant meets all the identified requirements.

Furthermore, managers should provide clear explanation of roles and responsibilities for the possible employee concerning the vacant position. The following basic information should be mentioned during the interview: duties and obligations, working hours, salary, ability of career development, holidays, dress code, etc. The applicant should understand what kind of work he or she will perform and whether it meets personal expectations. Otherwise, an individual will not be able to do his best on the new position.

Long-Term Recruitment Plan

The recruitment process will be performed in accordance with the special plan that will contain the following steps: determination of the requirements and goals, review of the job description, consideration of people, (finding strategies, searching for appropriate candidates, determination of applicants who meet the requirements, interviewing, and choosing the most suitable individuals. Much attention will be paid to the fact that the applicant should correspond to the job requirements, for example, possess nursing experience at day care business. Additionally, the candidate has to know how to manage conflict situations, and interact with clients and children.

Furthermore, the manager should apply the concepts of succession planning during the recruitment process. He should have enough knowledge for the relevant assessment of the skills and experience of applicants. Additional attention should be paid to leadership skills of candidates. During the primary stages of the recruitment process, manager should determine whether applicants could occupy top positions in the organization. This evaluation is very important because the company described in the scenario is constantly growing.

It should be noted that the employers also have to pay their attention to the applicants of the older age. Hiring of this people can be beneficial to the company because “the over-55 crowd can bring to bear on almost any business problem” (Dychtwald, Erickson, & Morrison, 2004). They have necessary knowledge and considerable working experience. Consequently, their resumes should be also considered and evaluated.

Attracting of Applicants

Three strategies for attracting qualified applicants can be implemented. The first one is the placement the job offer in the most reliable and popular professional networks and on social sites which appeal to the employees with the necessary qualifications, like those for health care providers and nurses. The next strategy is writing the advertisements which will include the best features of the company, benefits of the proposed working place, working environment and other unique privileges such as a generous vocation policy. The last strategy concerns the presentation of the business in the best possible manner during the interview. The interview is “a two way street…. since the best candidates have options, they’ll interview and evaluate employers’ right back” (Green, 2014). No doubt, the applicant assesses the recruitment process, questions which he was asked, professionalism of the manager, etc. Hence, the manager should be focused on the questions related to the vacant position. The integration of this strategy in the organization will enable choosing the person with necessary skills and knowledge because the described attracting methods make it possible to toss out people who have not got enough professional experience.

Communication Methods

Various communication methods will be used during the recruitment process: email communication, face-to-face communication and teleconferencing. Email communication enables determination of applicant’s skills and experience prior to personal interview. This method saves the time of both the manager and the applicant. Furthermore, it makes it possible for the manager to send mass mails to various candidates at the same time. Moreover, this method provides the ability to attach necessary documents such as nursing certificates).

Face-to-face communication provides managers with better understanding of applicant’s real attitude towards the discussed topics. This method has to be used because it enables managers to observe personal reflections through the body language and facial expressions. Additionally, listening skills of the applicant will be evaluated.

Teleconferencing can be used when the manager is not able to meet with the applicant personally. On the one hand, this method gives the opportunity to ascertain the relevant questions, and on the other hand, it helps people to avoid travel expenses.

The above mentioned communication methods will help the manager to obtain the necessary information from the applicant. At the same time, teleconferencing and communication via emails will save considerable amount of time. As a result, the procedure of finding the suitable person will be less time-consuming. Hence, the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment process will be improved.

Selection Processes and Selection Criteria

The recruiting of new employees will contain two selection processes. The first one will be based on the assessment of applicants’ knowledge and skills on the basis of the information provided in resumes. Then, final interview for the evaluation of personal communicational skills will be performed. The following selection criteria will be used: high level of knowledge, availability of the necessary documents and certificates (if required), presence of nursing or health care experience, desire to obtain new information, and the level of the communicational skills. The application of these criteria will assure that the candidate has enough knowledge and skills for the performance of the job and desire to obtain the position. Hence, the probability that the applicant will face difficulties during the working process and will be dismissed (or will want to change the working place) is minimized. As a result, the knowledge and experience obtained by the new employee will remain inside of the organization.

Assessment Methods

The process of recruitment will be based on the following assessment methods: testing of professional knowledge and job sample testing. The first test will be made in the form of questionnaire. Its aim is determination of the level of the applicant’s professional knowledge. In the business situation under analysis, the quality of knowledge and of the personnel is very important. The staff is working with children, who require constant observation and assessment of their physical and psychological condition.

The job sample test will be performed through the request of planning and implementation of the twenty-minute activity with the group of children from three to ten years old. It will be videotaped, and after the completion, it will be discussed with the applicant. In the day care business employees should know how to deal with children because this ability is necessary to fulfill the major part of their work.

Job Predictors

The following job predictors can assess the candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities: emotional intelligence, self-awareness, networking skills and moderation (Avery, Smillie, & Fife-Shaw, 2015). They assure that the applicant clearly understands his professional responsibilities, can build long-term relationships, and successfully manage conflict situations.


This work provides the thorough description of the recruitment process in the organization that offers services of in-home day care. The process of assessment of the applicants’ competence and knowledge which are necessary for the successful performance of their work has been presented. Much attention has been paid to personal communication skills because interactions form the foundation of the work in the company. The process of recruitment should be thoroughly planned and rationalized for choosing the best candidates who will improve the effectiveness of the working process and bring new ideas to the organization. The current work contains the description of hiring of both inside and outside applicants, ambitious youth and experienced older people.

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