Budgeting Tips for Freshers Week

Usually, freshers find the first week away from home a little stressful. Apart from catching up with a new curriculum and getting involved in different campus activities, students have to meet their financial goals so that they enjoy their first studying year. So, if you do not want to survive the last days of every month like Robinson Crusoe, follow these simple money saving tips.

Store food basics

Be cunny when doing shopping. It does not mean that you should not treat yourself every now and again, but you may save hundreds of dollars buying long lasting food items during the first week. Such foods like rice, pasta, oats, or tinned tomatoes are usually cheap and can last for ages. You will be pleased to find wonderful go-to meals in your cupboard when you are running out of money.

Smart shopping

As a rule, students spend the most when shopping on this big moving-in day. However, there’s no need to cut down on your favorites. When at the grocery’s, keep in mind the Tesco Brand Guarantee. It means that they will refund you the difference in prices if any of those brand items you purchase are cheaper at Asda, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s (it works only if you buy at least 10 different items). Moreover, try to look for nice discounts on products that you need. Spend on what’s important, save on what’s not.

Second-hand books

Course textbooks turn to be a real budget hit for freshers. However, nobody says that you have to get new ones. You may buy books for half a price (usually, even less) from second-year students or even try to get them for free at first. It will take some time for you to get all the necessary materials, but it will definitely save your money.

Freshers week benefits

Do not be shy and socialize as much as possible. Freshers week is bursting with various students fairs where local brands and businesses often give away a lot of freebies including highlighters, pens, folders, t-shirts, and even tote bags. Attend all of them. Keeping that in mind, you will get the stationary supply necessary for an entire school year at no cost.