Best Ways to Make Friends in College You Should Certainly Try

Every person wants to have friends, especially if they are in a new environment. Your freshman year has already started and you are open to new acquaintances. If you don’t know how to make friends, start showing up at the right spots. Here is the list of the places to make friends you may check on while in college.


Try to be friendly with the students living in your dorm, because it is the best place to make new friends. Pay attention to people who have just moved in. If you help them to become accustomed to a new place, you may become good friends.


If you managed to find a friend already, ask this person to introduce you to his/her friends. This way, it will be easy to build a network of friends having just one person to hang out with.

Taking part

There is a great variety of activities you can take part in college. For instance, think about your hobby and join a group of people who have the same interest. In addition, you may take part in academic sororities or fraternities.

Study sessions

You have a lot in common with other students in your classes. So, join a study group or create your own one. In addition to learning together, you will have a chance to communicate more with your group mates outside the classroom.


If you enjoy volunteering, you will certainly build up strong relationships with other kind-hearted students who do the same things.

Part-time job

In addition to getting extra cash, you will have a chance to make friends with your coworkers. Having a job in campus is even more beneficial because you will be able to communicate with many students at work.

Take electives

In addition to gaining a course credit, you will be able to interact with different students during electives.

Visit popular places

Common areas are always full of students you may get aquatinted with easily. Find friends at a library, bookstores, a dormitory, a campus park, etc.


Visit all the major events organized in the campus. Do not be afraid of feeling lonely. Many other students visit these events for the same reason. So, why not hang out together?
Now you know how to make friends and where to find them in college. Use these tips right now and you will definitely know many people in your campus before graduation!