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Being a human services professional is a very responsible job and a duty. It requires an individual to be genuinely willing to help the others and devote his or her time toward making a change in the community. As for me, I am especially interested in working with youth because I consider it one of the most important parts of the human services areas. I think that the work with youth has a huge impact on the society in general, and although it is a big challenge and responsibility, it is also the field where I seek work.

I am interested in working with youth from the minority groups because I think the young people are often left out and do not receive enough attention and information. I believe a human services professional can really change this situation by communicating with youth and providing them with the support and the information they need. This way, it will be possible to solve the many issues which exist in the modern society, and which arise out of the lack of communication between the generations. After all, young people in society need to have the professionals to talk to which would help them to make the right choices and evaluate their decisions; and they also need the people to show them the way the society works (“What is Human Services?”, n.d.). Therefore I am extremely interested in taking this role and being there as a facilitator for the young people and their interactions with the society.

I believe I would be able to carry on with this responsibility as I possess many important qualities to work well in the sphere. I consider myself a fearless individual who is not afraid of challenges and responsibilities. I am not afraid to think outside the box and come up with original ideas and thoughts, and I love to face the new challenges and deal with new tasks. Besides, I love communication and meeting new people as I believe that every individual has many things to teach one. I think that a human services professional should have a genuine concern for the people around him or her, and he or she does not only have to stick to the professional ethics, but listen to the people and use some of their advice for the benefits of the profession (“Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals”, 2015). In other words, a professional always has to have an open mind for the people’s concerts and suggestions in order to improve his or her performance, and these are the qualities that I have.

As I am the least interested in working as a adult care professional and view my future working with the youth, I need to promote particular qualities within myself which would help me with my work. I think I need to become more open for innovations because this knowledge may be useful for the work with the young people. Besides, I think I need to be able to use different styles whenever talking with different people, and that means developing flexibility and the ability to approach various people from a different angle. This way, it would be possible to appeal to them more effectively and have a greater influence on young people.

I believe I possess a great passion for the work and am ready for the many challenges and openings that lie ahead. That is the reason I consider myself prepared for my further duties and hope to use all of my skills for the benefits of the society. I think this should be the real goal of every professional, and I am eager to fulfill it.

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