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Studies carried on the performance of Windows phones indicate their slow reception in the market due to various reasons. One of the main reasons that has been brought forward is its methods and approaches used for flagship of the mobile phone devices. The approach has received increased criticism over its relevance to targeting customers and loss of vision in attaining the market share, which has been saturated with other smartphone devices. Windows phone is a flagship device and contains technology characterized as very innovative that has resulted in the suitability of producing differentiated products.

To emerge successful in the competitive business surrounding, it is efficient that a company, Nokia, carries out an extensive market research so that it can develop the best image brand. The strategies that Windows phone ought to employ when marketing as observed should be establishing brand loyalty, conveying a message of awesomeness and professionalism in its advertisement (Cahill, 2006).

Conveying the Message of Coolness, Professionalism and Uniqueness

Conveying the message of professionalism and uniquness is possible through the market segmentation. Market segmentation is the act of dividing and subdividing the market of certain commodity into smaller subsections on the basis of either demography, psychology, geography, psychographics, situation factors, related factors, socio-culture factors, and benefits. Segmentation can also be based on the multiple factors such as the psychographic-demographic segmentation, SRI consulting's VALS and the geo-demographic segmentation.

The concept of segmenting helps develop Windows phone devices that are targeting a certain type of people in the society hence attracting brand loyalty in the process. Brand loyalty is easily earned when brands designed to target a certain population efficiently deliver the maximum output expected (Blythe, 2008). Assuming that a product is manufactured based on geographical segmentation, it is expected that a Windows phone targeting farmers should have batteries with higher ambience amounts to last them long while they are in the farm. In addition, the phone should have installed applications that provide information related to farming and weather. On the contrary, devices that are to be distributed in the city should have features that reflect the city life. Once the devices are placed into the market and reach these farmers, they will be fascinated by the services they receive from the product, making them develop a positive attitude towards the product.

Coolness is associated with the kind of themes that come along with the phone. Different Windows phone makers should come with special themes that make it attached to specific kind of consumers.

Providing Phones for celebrities in Order to Drive Social Trend

Another consideration is the psychographic segmentation, which is identifying its final consumers on the basis of lifestyle, interest, opinions and attitudes. The manufactoring of Windows phones should not only be produced by a series of certain type i.e. Nokia Lumia 625 (single make) and then followed by Nokia Lumia 930 (single make), but rather the products should be differentiated to fit the different lifestyles and interests in the society. Different versions of Lumia 625 should be designed with slight changes in the features but equal purchasing costs in the market, such that potential customers choose a similar make but slight difference in features in accordance to what they desire or lifestyle embraced. This approach will pay attention to both upper and the upper middle class by providing products that meet their demands.

Psychographic segmentation simply calls for developing devices that are unique to each sector of the economy, a device that fits a banker with special financial applications and installed calculator that can solve financial problems fast and accurately. Bloggers can be addressed with phones having slightly bigger typing keys and sensitive to slight typing mistakes. There exploring psychographic can help in manufacturing phone products that address diverse societal groups that include celebrities, popular bloggers, You tubers, Twitter users, Instagram users and college athletes to drive the social trend. Phones that have high graphic equalizers on sound and can support high quality recording should have to be designed for celebrities. They should come along with higher internal memories while producing quad core.

Major Focus on Building Brand Loyalty

To market Windows phone extensively Nokia is required to take the five brand personalities serious in its commitment to offer the best phone services and handsets in the market. Their products have to prove to be sincere so that their designs are down to earth, cheerful and the best products (Blythe, 2008). These designs should cater for all levels of management, working class, parents and children. The phones designated for management should have better installed PowerPoint presentations accompanied with excellent slide designs to facilitate better presentations. Windows phones for children, on the other hand, should have fewer applications, more entertaining and educative games with other applications that encourage children to learn.

Consumer attitude assessment and self-concept lifestyle assessment has to be carried out after purchasing the product. Consumers normally assess the product after purchase and using experience. The consumer is likely to be disappointed if expectations are not met and, therefore, to ensure Windows handsets meet the customers' needs, Nokia should go into the market and acquire data that will help them mitigate the dissatisfaction (Cahill, 2006)

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